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10Cric India is one of the biggest suppliers of betting services in India, and it’s also used extensively abroad. It’s obviously an Indian-led company, but the huge popularity this provider enjoys is all due to the fact they support cricket bets to the extent that they do. Moreover, this experience is smooth and fast, which is invaluable.

There are several variations of a 10Cric betting experience, and mobile applications are the most prominent of them. The website is a pretty decent place with a proper structure. Design-wise, it’s outstanding because menus for stuff like sports, casino gambling, live betting, etc. are all gathered in the same space.

10cric mobile app

The 10Cric app follows the same logic. They don’t spread the features all over the place, but rather keep them tightly in an orderly system. That’s what many similar apps do wrong – they just don’t understand the important of structuring. From the home page, you can go to one of several main sections, then pick the categories of specific sports and games once you’re there.

Besides cricket, 10Cric India offers several more options for wagering and gambling:

  1. Sports (including several dozen other popular sports)
  2. Live betting (betting on the outcomes of matches currently played)
  3. Gambling (casino games, mostly)

All of that can be accessed through the web version of this provide or through the 10Cric app, one of the two variants of them. In particular, these run on both iOS and Android, which means that about 99% of mobile users can entertain themselves with whatever this provider has in store.

These apps in particular are pretty good, they have great navigation around the features, outstanding design and some very interesting games. If you’re a betting enthusiast, you won’t lose much picking this provider over others. But let’s see what they offer exactly.

10Cric App
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How to Download 10Cric App on Android for Free

10Cric India apps are available both for Android and for iOS, and they aren’t terribly different from the technical standpoint. That being said, there are some differences when it comes to downloading and installing these apps on different operating systems. In short, it’s easier to do on Android.

10cric apk online casino

The 10Cric APK (the usual designation for Android apps) is free and can be downloaded one of two explored ways:

  • Downloading the necessary file from the provider’s official website, although it needs finding first;
  • Downloading it from this very website (where you are now)

Both are legitimate ways, and the only difference is that we check these files for all sorts of malware. If they are here, then they are safe. 10Cric APK is worth trusting, however, because of their long history of dealing with clients. There aren’t too many negative reviews, save for the people complaining about losing the gamble, but that’s just silly.

But let’s head back.

All you need to do to download the 10Cric APK file is click on it. It may trigger some sort of malware protection from your phone, either in the form of your malware detector or your own device. The former can be disabled for the time being, and there is a setting for the latter.

Installation Manual for the 10Cric.apk on Android

It’s not at all hard to install the APK files, downloaded from the Internet. With Google Play, you would just click the ‘install’ button and be done with it. But 10Cric APK isn’t on Google Play, but it doesn’t mean there are some special rules that apply to third-part files like this one.

No, you only need to find the file in the ‘downloads’ folder of your device and click on it.

10cric app download

There is no intricate process or a number of pop-up windows during the 10Cric download process. Well, there are some notifications that need approving, most of the time. Besides that, however, the installation of this file onto your device won’t take more than your usual app from Google Play.

You may still fail to install the 10Cric APK file because of some obscure setting or block your particular device may have. In this case, you need to explore its settings and why it may restrict the apps downloaded from the Internet. Usually, it’s just a matter of ‘unknown sources’ being restricted on the phone, but there may be some other, unique setting only your phone can have.

How to Download 10Cric App on iOS for Free

The users of Apple mobile products can also use the 10Cric app. While the experience of using it is pretty similar in many ways to the Android app, the action of downloading and installing the app is a bit different.

It’s still not much harder, though.

To download 10Cric it, you can use their official website, which is an easy enough option if you can find the page dedicated to these apps. An easier solution would be to use the website you’re currently on to get the file. It’s exactly the same, except you don’t have to spend time looking for the app on your own.

This version uses a different file format - .ipa (or IPA). This version of the 10Cric app can only be run on iOS, which means iPhone or iPad. You need one of the latest versions of iOS as well, because the earlier patches may not be supported.

IOS v. 12-15 would be optimal for these purposes.

The process of downloading these files is the same as with the 10Cric APK – you just have to press the download button, and it’ll go straight into a dedicated folder. Again, the Apple products may have the same restricting settings as the Android devices, and that means you need to explore the possible blocks if your phone doesn’t let you download the file.

Installation Manual for the 10Cric Mobile App on iOS

So, to install the iOS 10Cric app downloaded from somewhere other than the AppStore, you need to do some extra steps. The downloading is pretty much the same, but if you want to turn that file into the actual application, you need to follow this instruction:

  1. Click on the downloaded file
  2. Add it to iTunes (usually done automatically)
  3. Open your PC and connect the phone to it
  4. Access the iTunes folder and find the app there
  5. Right click on it and select the ‘synchronize’ option

The ‘synchronization’ is actually synonymous with ‘installation’ in this case, that’s just what Apple calls unpacking the app into your device. After you’ve done all the steps described above, you’ll be able to open the 10Cric app on your phone at any time. Keep in mind: the issues may still pop up at any time during this process, so you’ll have to explore the ways to combat these issues on your own.

They are not exclusive to 10Cric – these restrictions are usually placed there for all third-party apps. That means you can find a universal solution online. The phone compositions can vary, so that problems may differ as well, which is the main problem here.

10Cric Mobile Site

Using the provider’s features through their website is also a very viable option. However, most people don’t use it on PC because it’s clunky, not as fast and pretty obsolete. It’s much easier to utilize a phone, they usually just download 10Cric app. And the problem with mobile versions of websites is that they are often broken and unadjusted.

The problem is made worse by the fact that the resolution can differ wildly. So, mobile sites can break easily unless there’s a lot of time and effort put into them. Fortunately, 10Cric developed a proper structure for their website that aligns in accordance with the display’s parameters.

In short, 10Cric website got it covered. A mobile site is still clumsier than any app, but if you must gamble this way, it won’t be painful.

In terms of site navigation, this version is somewhere between the apps and the PC web version. They’ve taken structure from the latter and aligned it to be more condensed, tight and still orderly. It’s similar to what apps have going on, but for them 10Cric created a special sort of architecture.

Bottom line: 10Cric mobile website is worth using if you don’t want to bother with the 10Cric APK download, or the iOS version. It’s a comfortable enough experience with few technical issues.

Advantages of the 10Cric App

10Cric mobile applications (in any variation) are a good enough place if you want to gamble or bet in comfort. Such apps are generally a great idea, but each provider tends to develop their app in a unique way. 10Cric app has a few of its own quirks, as well as several noticeable perks.

  • Comprehensiveness

10Cric is developed in such a way that you can see all the major features right away. After booting the app, there is a big menu in the top of your screen with all the primary sorts of entertainment listed one-by-one. Click on any of these, and you’ll be given a list of sports, games or categories inside this bigger section.

Clicking further on any of this will enable you to see possible matches (for sports betting), casino games (for gambling) and so forth. It’s a well-defined hierarchy with multiple options.

  • Selection

10Cric app hosts tens of thousands sports events on average. Even without counting the other sections on the app, this alone makes the selection on 10Cric incredibly big. And fortunately, you don’t need to suffer from the overabundance of choices because there is a decent sorting mechanism under each of these sections.

They can show the live matches, the upcoming matches, the highlights, as well as categorize the results by sport (obviously), country and much more.

Bets on Cricket and Sports

The biggest betting option here is obviously cricket. The company is named after it, it’s the single most-popular sport in India, and there are a lot of users coming to this website for a cheeky cricket wager.

You can access the list of cricket matches through a number of ways. You can go to the ‘all sports’ category in the top of the 10Cric app and work your way to cricket from there, just click on a big icon ‘cricket’ above or even go to ‘today’s matches’ and find cricket games there – there’s bound to be a lot of that, anyway.

Once you’re there, you can go through the details for each match, including current predictions, rates, composition of teams and so forth. If the details seem good to you, you can place a bet by clicking a big button and specifying what amount of money you want to wager. After that, you’ll be notified of the outcome, but you can also monitor the match at any time.

The other sports work the same way. You only need to find the game you prefer by going through the list of sports in the dedicated section. There are several dozen of them, but it’s not hard. They go by the number of current events, by default. And there’s usually the same amount of these, unless some big league happens.

Furthermore, there is a number of e-sports open to bets. That includes tournaments on online computer games like Dota 2, Overwatch, League of Legends and several more. E-sports can be found in a separate subcategory in the end of the list, and there are actually a lot of matches featured on 10Cric app.

Registration on 10Cric

You can view what 10Cric has to offer as a guest user, but if you want to place a bet, you obviously need to have an account with them. It’s not that hard, the process only really takes a few minutes, all in all. Note that you need to be 18 y/o or older to join.

If you feel like signing up, just click on the big glowing button ‘join now’ above. It’ll transfer you to the menu where you’ll need to fill out all the boxes to set up your own 10Cric login. There aren’t too many requirements here, all you need to do is submit an e-mail address, the phone number, specify the country, your address, the full name & create a username and a password.

It may seem more than most providers ask for, but that’s actually not true. You’ll still have to go through the KYC procedure after setting up an account. But on this stage, if you submit all the necessary information, 10Cric will send you an e-mail containing the login data and the verification link.

After that, you can just login into 10Cric and start doing whatever you want. Actually, that’s not entirely true. The KYC procedure means you need to supply some documentation to proof you are not a bot and that you didn’t have other accounts on this website before.

10Cric Login

After registering and having your data verified by the 10Cric app, you can use your username and the password you made up to enter the website proper. After doing so, most features will be open to you.

The infamous KYC process means you have to give them some sort of documentation that could give them an idea of who you are, maybe submit the selfie or do some other proving action. It does feel a little privacy-violating, but these procedures are important, even if obnoxious. Without them, you won’t be able to gamble to the fullest, anyhow.

You should also remember not to deposit them money onto your account outright, because 10Cric app offers several welcoming bonuses, some of them have a first-deposit model, meaning they’ll only be applied to the first deposit and only if you select one of these beforehand.

There are several such bonuses here, and it’s advised to get a look at them even before creating an account on the website. You can view the details even as a guest. If you think the requirements seem reasonable and that you can get behind them – then you can just go ahead, register and login into 10Cric.

Bonuses and Promotions

The welcome bonuses are the most notable type of promotional gift on these websites. There are some other types, naturally, but a lot of people actually pick the provider based on what welcoming bonus they offer. It’s speaking volumes about how wide-spread these are.

Such welcoming bonuses are either free spins for slot machines, add-value for deposits or just plain cash. The catch is usually that you won’t withdraw the winnings you get from these gifts until you use all of them up. It’s the same on 10Cric, more or less. That being said, it’s probably more humane than most similar cricket online betting apps.

You could say that because there are no no-deposit bonuses on 10Cric. No-deposits work by just giving you money for no reason, which gives you some money to try betting and gambling but also restricts you to this cash you were given. It’s awfully chummy and doesn’t bring more profit.

Deposit bonuses require you to deposit some money, while also giving you the amount of money you transferred, times something. For some of them, you’ll need a 10Cric bonus code. Here are some examples.



Promotional code

Sportsbook Bonus

100% deposit bonus (10,000 Rupees max)


Bitcoin Welcome

100% deposit bonus (30 mBTC max)


Casino Welcome Package

Up to 70000 Rupees for a deposit of 1000 Rupees min


As of late, they’ve added welcoming bonuses that don’t really require bonus codes, although a lot of these are still enabled by submitting a promo code. These can be found in many various placed all over the Internet. The good thing, though, is that they don’t change for a long time and you can get them from a Good Samaritan somewhere.

10Cric Casino

game titles, but not nearly as big as on the dedicated casino providers.

There are 130+ slot games, which work by presenting you with 3 or more slots and letting you pull the lever to change the combination of images on them. There are many winnings combinations, but the rules slightly change from game to game. 10Cric mostly just features popular games, such as Gold Rush or Game of Thrones.

The slots in the 10Cric casino vary by the genre, theme, game rules and some other variables. Still, 130 is a small number compared to what other providers can offer. And you definitely won’t get lost here, because this section of the 10Crip app is really just a number of basic slot games strung together.

Besides level-oriented games, there are roulette, poker, blackjack, baccarat and other options for a more classic casino experience. They also vary a bit, but because you really can’t change poker all that much, there is a much smaller amount of card games hosted on 10Cric.

Although there are better selections in the wild, you might want to gamble here if not for anything else, then because 10Cric app is a safer option than most dedicated online gambling plazas. They do have a good enough reputation, but it’s also a logical choice. Casinos work by their own rules, and you can’t really monitor their activities.

Bookmakers, however, can’t alter the results of the games. They can only refuse to give you your winnings on some flimsy ground. These guys don’t do that because they have a reputation to look after.

Live Casino

Live 10Cric casino games are a secondary array of casino games on the website. They are the same baccarat, poker and roulette games, except streamed live in some room away from you. The dealer is real, however, and so are the cards. You basically join a broadcast where a professional deals hands (or whatever else), and you get to participate without them seeing you.

It’s not a one-on-one session: you’re just given your own virtual hand that can be played however you want. Although the hand is digital, the results will be real. Depending on how the cards will be played against, you can get real profits or real losses.

Many people enjoy this sort of gambling because you can’t go to casinos as much, preferring 10Cric casino instead. Moreover, in some cases there are proper casinos. These broadcasts, however – they display professional-grade tables with good-looking people handling them. It’s a potentially good time, in short.

FAQ 10Cric App

Users choose to trust this provider because it’s one of the biggest cricket betting apps out there. They simply have a lot to offer, and you can do it all in comfort.

These apps are free by default. All you need to do is locate the download button and click it. You can do on this very website, for instance.

Depending on the type (10Cric APK or 10Cric IPA), you either just click on the file or install it through iTunes. The latter is a bit more complex.

To make the first deposit, you need to locate the dedicated button in the sidemenu (on the app). Once there, specify the amount you want deposited and the payment method.

Rohit Sharma is a sports journalist from India who has been in the media since 2015. Over a more than 7 years, Rohit Sharma has worked for several IPL teams as a press officer. He has also worked for several well-known sports resources and had a blog about the cricket.

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