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1Win is a big international betting service, as well as an online casino. It accumulated a bit of controversy because of some of their marketing practices and the fact they have multiple mirror copies of the same website, which is pretty questionable. Other than that, it’s a legitimate enough platform.

It’s available all over the world in many regional versions, such as 1Win Germany, 1Win India, 1Win Britain and so forth.

Betting on sports is their primary product, and in this section of their platform they feature an extensive list of sports, including local favorites from India. Besides that, there are also plenty of casino games, which is standard for such platforms. The most numerous game genre here is slots, unsurprisingly.

1win mobile app

There are several variations of this service, including a mobile 1Win app available on two main operating systems, as well as PC, obviously.

There are several main sorts of entertainment found on this platform. It can be generalized into several categories.

Sports bets

Casino games


Upcoming matches (‘Line’)

Live broadcasts (‘Live-games’)

Live betting games (‘Betgames’)

Current matches (‘Live’)

Typical casino games (‘Casino’)

More live games (‘TVBET’)

E-sports matches (‘Cybersport’)

Arcade games (‘Games’)

Virtual sports games (‘V-sports’)

It seems like a lot, but all of these categories are arranged in a neat menu side-by-side. It’s not confusing because the owners made sure to develop a structure that doesn’t let you question where anything else. The navigation is great on 1Win app, in short. And, what’s more, they allow you to sort the games properly in many of these categories.

As you can see, the design choices (both stylistic and practical) are the most visible upsides of this platform. But the choice of games and the abundance of content are also outstanding perks that can’t be ignored. Other providers may have more games, but they are diverse and creative in many cases.

So, with that in mind, how do you download and install 1Win app?

1Win App
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How to Download 1Win App on Android for Free

If you want to download 1Win app version on an Android device, you’ll be able to do it one of several ways. Each of these doesn’t take a long time – it’s just a matter of different approaches.

1win apk casino

In all of these, you’ll be dealing with files of apk format – the usual file type for Android applications.

  • The Internet

You can easily download the 1Win apk from a legitimate catalogue of gambling apps. Fortunately, you’re currently on one. You can basically scroll down and find the download button for this app. It’s fast, and you also shouldn’t worry about malware, because this stuff is checked for on this website.

  • The official website

The 1Win official website is naturally a good place to get the official 1Win apk file. There are some problems with this plan. For instance, 1Win doesn’t extend its services to all countries. Furthermore, you need to locate it on the website first, which might be a challenge. Still, it’s a method like any other.

  • Google Play

1Win app has been officially on Google Play before. There are still copies of that app on this platform. Although seeming safe, it’s unclear just how official and up-to-date these apps are.

Installation Guide for 1Win.apk on Android

Depending on where you got your 1Win apk file, the installation process may vary. In either way, you’ll have to turn the downloaded file into a proper app. Before then, it’s impossible to use any of its features.

1win download app

However you do it, it’s a simple enough action, even if it’s different in certain cases.

  • Google Play installation

If you managed to locate a good-enough version of the 1Win app on Google Play, then you’re in luck – you don’t need to do anything. Downloading the thing will automatically install it, as well. Well, you know how it goes if you ever used Android devices before. The point is: it’s the fastest way.

  • Manual installation

In case you received the 1Win apk file from other sources, it’s a marginally lengthier process. After the download is complete, you’ll have the file securely among your files. The first step is finding it, which should be easy enough if you have an adequate file manager on your phone.

After that, you only need to click on it. Ideally, it’ll commence the installation and finish it within a minute. The settings on your very device may prevent the installation, but it’s just a matter of disabling these measures.

How to Download 1Win App on iOS for Free

This action isn’t really different from downloading the 1Win apk. There are two main ways of acquiring this app. It’s not on iOS, and nor are there are reliable copies, which means you’ll need to look for the application elsewhere. It’s also not an apk file, obviously, but an ipa file (most likely).

  • The Internet

There are countless places where you can find a 1Win app for iOS in an ideal, up-to-date condition. That being said, some of them may put malware into the file, while others are just not comfortable. Since you’re here, you might as well download the file from this very website. You can scan the files excessively – they are virus-free.

  • Official website

You might as well download the iOS version from the 1Win official website. Just like with 1Win apk, you need to find where they host these and then figure out how to download the file properly. It’s not terribly difficult, but there is a special sequence rather than a typical download button.

Apple products may block you from downloading the files from ‘unknown sources’, which means really anything besides AppStore and websites of big companies. To circumvent this, locate the namesake setting on your phone and enable it.

Installation Guide for 1Win Mobile App on iOS

It’s a bit different for Apple products. For the 1Win apk file, you only need to click on it to install the application. With ipa files, you need to work through iTunes, unless it’s actually downloaded from AppStore. If, in the future, they publish the app officially on AppStore again, it’ll be great. But right now, it’s a longer path.

Namely, there are two main ways of installing the file onto your Apple device. One requires the installation software, and the other needs a PC.

  • PC method

The problem with ipa files is that they can’t be installed just by clicking on them. Opening the file will put it inside iTunes, but it won’t install the app. To install it, you need to open the iTunes inside your computer. Just connect the device to your PC using a USB wire.

The file will be somewhere in the latest downloads on iTunes. The actual interface may vary, but the goal is to locate the file and find the option named ‘synchronize’, ‘install’ or ‘app’. It’s much easier to just install and download 1Win apk and roll with it.

  • Installation software

A lot of people simply have some sort of installation app on their mobile device. It synchronizes the files automatically with the phone. If you want a quick way to install the 1Win app, this is it. The only problem is finding the correct software, because there are lots of them and many are not very convenient.

Mobile Site

You don’t have to use the 1Win app if you don’t want to. It’s just a convenient enough way of enjoying what they have to offer. There are alternative ways of doing that, like the PC website and the mobile site. The latter in particular is just as convenient for fast bets or gambling.

They didn’t change much in terms of interface. Obviously, the functional elements are rearranged according to the parameters of one’s display, but all the content and features are still there. They took the same components and realigned the menus in favor of long, narrow displays. The catalogues are mostly horizontal, but scrollable.

All the categories are placed on a scrollable header menu at the top of the screen. But it’s actually not the only way to navigate around the website. There are also 5 general menus at the bottom of the screen, including home icon, live bets icon, bets, casino games and live games.

The same stuff categories, as well as other additional sections are present also in a side-menu that can be accessed by pressing three white lines in the top right corner of the screen. It’s just impossible to get lost here, and they didn’t compromise on any functionality, either.

Advantages of 1Win App

The 1Win app experience is pretty similar to the one on their mobile website. The navigation is very similar, and the structure differences are minimal. Despite that, it’s still better to use the app under some circumstances, even though it ultimately boils down to comfort and preference.

Firstly, the gambling platforms in general are better suited for applications. There’s normally a lot going on in these, and you need to make sure nothing weighs down your connection to the servers or that your device is able to handle the load of both the website and the browser it runs on.

The advantage of an 1Win app is that there are no intermediaries and you connect directly to the bets or games. Furthermore, 1Win optimized their app well, but the website is a bit harder to stabilize.

Secondly, there are special bonuses for people who start using 1Win through an app. They amount to about 100 USD or EUR in bonuses, although there are special rules regarding all that.

Positive 1Win reviews mostly praise their mobile app for combining the comprehensive structure with an extensive amount of content.

Sports and Cricket Bets in 1Win App

The sport section on 1Win app is one of the primary categories of entertainment on this platform. If you want to visit the sports betting menu, you can click on either of the three main sections (‘Line’, ‘Live’ or ‘Cybersport’) or just make a bet using a little ticket icon in the middle of the bottom menu, if you’re on mobile.

Either way, you’ll be taken to the general betting menu. ‘Line’ is just a list of upcoming sports events, ‘Live’ offers you a variety of currently played matches and ‘Cybersports’ combines both, but for the e-sports, such as Dota 2 or CS:GO (and many more). Actually, both ‘Line’ and ‘Live’ include the e-sports games. These menus are massively interconnected.

Regardless of what you decide to visit, there are usually a lot of different sports. You can pick one of many games present on the platform or just go to the events to start your search there. Soccer is obviously the most popular sport by far, but there are also cricket, tennis, hockey and about 40 other sports to choose from.

It is a lot, but fortunately you can limit the catalogue by only the most popular, the currently relevant games, select a special timetable, find the event by name or just select one of several recommended sports games. There are hundreds of events happening daily across these games, so it’s good to have this sort of navigation.

The betting mechanism itself is simply. You only need to pick the match, select one of the winners (or a tie) and place your bet. But obviously, you need to deposit money first. And to do that, you have to login into 1Win. And for that, you need to set up an account. Speaking of that.

1Win Registration

1Win actually has a convenient, fast registration process. They only require you to submit e-mail, your phone number, the preferred currency and make up a password. Other betting apps include stuff like your address or country of residence, but that’s part of the verification action here on 1Win, which is later.

It’s much faster to actually create an account in 1Win, even if some features will be barred to you until you verify. You can even skip the registration and set up an account using your social media, which even includes Steam, for some reason.

So, registering on 1Win from India requires you to select the proper phone code and pick the Indian rupee as your main currency. That’s all it takes on this stage. You can change any of that later, in fact. The later procedures also require you to submit the address, but that’s it for Indian users.

Just don’t forget that at this stage you’ll want to select the deposit bonus you’ll take (if you want one). You can also insert the promocode right below the main registration data (under ‘add promocode’). They are all over the place in the Internet, and there are some that can give you outstanding early advantage.

A lot of promocodes exist for bonus rupees at the start. So, if you’re joining 1Win from India, you can spend some time searching for these codes.

1Win Login

To login into 1Win, you only have to use the e-mail you submitted and the password you created for the account. They don’t have usernames on this website, which is understandably redundant, seeing how you’ll only have limited contact with other users on the platform.

In case you’ve forgotten the password, it’s possible to reset it either via e-mail or a phone message.

After toy login into 1Win for the first time, you’ll be advised to share a few more details about yourself, such as the place of your residence, your photo or some documents. It’s necessary to give this sort of information because otherwise the staff won’t know if you’re a real living being or a bot.

Also, take care to pick a deposit bonus after you’ve set up your account and verified it. There are several welcome bonuses that add value to your first deposit, although you can easily just miss out on that if you’re not careful. Pick the one bonus you like the most and start gambling.

There are lots of convenient payment methods, including 18 international and country-specific transfer systems. After your first deposit, you’ll be able to start gambling or betting to the fullest on the 1Win app.

Bonuses and Promotions

They have a lot of bonuses on 1Win app. Some are temporary and only get featured for special events, but there are 4 main permanent bonuses. Of them, the 500% deposit bonus is chief.

This bonus offers 500% of bonus money onto your first deposit. There are some limitations. For instance, your deposit must not exceed 179 USD if you want to claim the bonus. Furthermore, this bonus activates when you bet the money or gamble it. For the sports, the coefficient should be at least 3. Depending on how much you wagered, you will receive a bonus upon victory.

There are other bonuses on the 1Win app, as well.

  • The cashback of up to 30% on casino games gets accumulated the more you play slots.
  • You can receive 100 USD or EUR for downloading their mobile app
  • A bonus is given to users who win the most during some time

There are special requirements and limitations for all of these bonuses, which can be read in terms and conditions of the 1Win app. But usually there’s a catch to each of these bonuses. It’s not like they are giving away their money so that you could withdraw them instantly.

There’s a special system to it all. And if you don’t go through all the requirements, you can end up forfeiting the bonus on accident. It doesn’t help that the rules are all over the places, and that they are a bit tricky. The rules also vary, so if you don’t want to go through pages of dense material, just don’t withdraw the money until you’ve used up the entire bonus. That’s the one principle most of these have in common.

1Win Casino

There’s an extensive 1Win casino section. Even though the platform is mostly presented as a betting service, there are just so many casino games. Mainly, these are slot games, of which you can play more than 8,000. The other types aren’t even close, but 1Win offers tons of other game variations, including a lot of scratch games, table games and card games – all in their hundreds.

They don’t really have a lot of sorting capabilities. There are ‘popular’ and ‘heated’ categories, which include basically the most played and recently rising games. Besides that, you can also search for the games by name or pick one of the many broad categories. Lastly, a provider section is present in the bottom, if you prefer certain developers over broad genre preferences.

Besides the usual slot games and other casino entertainment, they also have a lot of arcade games on the platform, divided into several categories. ‘Betgames’, ‘TVBET’, ‘Games’ and several other pages all lead to a number of interactive shows, games and similar forms of entertainment. They are similar to mobile apps and live casino in an original fusion.

They all amount to you clicking on the screen, placing a bet on the outcomes (or just seeing what happens) and claiming your reward/exasperating from loss.

Live Casino

1Win casino has a live subsection, which includes casino broadcasts from all over the world. Basically, they are live streams of dealers just doing their job – either for online users like you or unbeknownst to them. The idea is that you place a bet on the outcome of the play, and then it plays out.

This genre includes a lot of roulettes, blackjack, poker and a lot of other games. There is no catalogue for live casino – it’s a section in the wider casino list. It complicates the search a bit, because there are over 280 of these games, and you can only identify them by the icon.

They don’t even show the name until you click on it and see the details. So, the navigation for live casino is a bit disappointing, but it’s not like two blackjacks are any different from one another. If there is a special variety inside, they’ll specify it in the icon, usually. Most people come there to look at the dealer, anyway.

FAQ 1Win App

1Win is an old betting company with countless satisfied users from all over the world. Not to mention they are a regulated entity.

It’s easy. You can either just clock on the download button on this very page or go to their official website and download 1Win from there.

The process is incredibly simply for Android devices. The 1Win apk file (which is what the Android app is) needs to be opened in order to get installed, and that’s it.

You have to create an account with 1Win. After that, deposit some money and go to ‘Line’ menu. There, pick ‘Cricket’ from the list and start betting.

Rohit Sharma is a sports journalist from India who has been in the media since 2015. Over a more than 7 years, Rohit Sharma has worked for several IPL teams as a press officer. He has also worked for several well-known sports resources and had a blog about the cricket.

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