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Becric is one of the many-many Indian betting providers. The thing about Becric app is that many of their features are India-specific. They don’t restrict access to people from other parts of the globe (most of the time), but the functionality, tools and content are all aimed at providing the best possible experience for Indians.

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So, what do they have? The two main parts are, as usual, sports bets and casino games. There are more features than that, but you can generalize them all into two neat types of entertainment. The India-specific experience in question is characterized by many things. For instance, they favor locally beloved games here, including cricket, soccer and so forth. Most people bet here through the Becric app, which is well-suited for these sorts of gambling.

The list of primary services is, as follows:

  1. Sports
  2. Casino
  3. Live Casino

Usually, live casino games are represent as part of the bigger casino section, but there are just too many live broadcasts happening daily, they though it fair to give these games their own section. There are more subcategories, naturally, but these are the primary forms of enjoyment you’ll find here.

Many of them, even besides the obvious basis in the sports section, have some sort of inclination towards India – either in aesthetics or game genres. Andar Bahar and Rummy, for instance, are two games that aren’t really played anywhere besides India and some neighboring countries.

In terms of design, the Becric app is largely not a complex platform. The current versions use a sleek white-and-red palette with minimum flashy promotions and maximum interactive, helpful components. Becric didn’t oversaturate their service with too many pages, as well, which makes for easy navigation.

So, given how unwelcome gambling apps are on Google Play and AppStore, how do you get these applications onto your device? There are ways.

Becric App
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How to Download Becric App for Free on Android

The problem with these apps is that they aren’t hosted on the official stores of their operating systems. So, you can’t find Becric on Google Play, which means you have to look for it elsewhere – on the Internet, in particular.

You can’t download the same file for both iOS and Android, so you have to look carefully. The Android files all have the same format, called apk. The Becric apk can be found on a variety of different gambling-related websites.

becric online casino

The one you’re currently on is one of these, and it’s as secure to download here as it gets. If you feel like it, you can scan the app excessively. It’s a reasonable step, either way. You’ll need to scan the file for malware regardless of where you got it from, because it’s not on Google Play in any shape.

There are two primary ways of acquiring the Becric app from the Internet, up to your preference:

  • Independent app libraries

Independent catalogues of applications, such as the one you’re presently in, offer a wide array of applications. You can download Becric apk for free on such platforms. The only thing that should stop you is the malware protection. You can’t always trust third-party pages. Here, nonetheless, you can obtain secure, safe files.

  • Official website

You can download Becric apk file from their official website, but it might be tedious because they rearrange the layout quite a lot and it’s sometimes hard to find the files you’re looking for. If you don’t feel like going through the quest of searching for it, you can simply download the same file here.

Installation Guide for Becric.apk on Android

Android files are quite easy to manage when it comes to their installation. If it were Google Play, Becric apk would be downloaded and then installed right after without you even noticing. But it’s not Google Play, and you need to install the app manually, which is normally done by just opening the file.

There are some details you need to take note of, however.

For starters, you need to have a proper file manager to install Becric apk. The normal managers may have the necessary software to install the apk files onto the device, but if your phone doesn’t have that, you can always get a more professional piece of software specifically for that reason.

becric download app

Explorer File Manager is a neat addition if you don’t already have it. Not only does it provide a more in-depth control of your files, but it also grants an easily, comfortable installation procedure. Chances are, you can install the file without it, but now you have a backup plan just in case.

Consider also that malware protection can prevent the file from being installed as Becric app. It may prevent it from being downloaded, as well, but opening the file will likely trigger some sort of response if the software suddenly doesn’t like this apk. Not to worry, you can scan it and deactivate the alarm manually.

How to Download Becric App for Free on iOS

Downloading Becric on iOS has a similar logic to it. It can’t be downloaded from the official Apple store for the system, which leaves you with the only option of getting it from the Internet sources. Compared to Becric apk format on Android, this app uses an ipa format on iOS. Not that it makes much of a different in a practical sense.

Just like with Android, you can download the iOS version from this very page. This file is perfectly secure and devoid of malware. Becric wouldn’t gain much from putting malware into their app file, anyhow. Regardless, it’s just a matter of scrolling down and clicking the big ‘download’ button.

The other method is to download it directly from Becric’s official website, which, again, might not be the best course of action because you can’t as easily find the page for Becric app there. Somehow, it’s not considered essential at the moment. Perhaps, by the time you read this article, it’s in some place visible again.

Remember that Apple products often prevent the downloading of files from ‘unknown sources’ by default. To stop it, just go to the device settings and enable the namesake setting.

Installation Guide for Becric Mobile App on iOS

It takes a bit more to install the Becric app on iOS than it does on Android. They are the same file with the same parameters, except iOS has a different format. This format requires you to open file in iTunes in order to install it. As for the actual process of installing the thing, there are several ways.

The usual way is to use one of the many file managers and installation apps scattered throughout AppStore. They work in a similar fashion to the Android solutions, except they work in conjunction with iTunes, and installation is one of their main purposes, alongside the normal file management.

It’s easier to download Becric using these manager apps, because otherwise you’ll have to go through PC to do the same thing. And if you don’t have one, it’ll be a pain.

The other way is the one where you connect the device to PC to open iTunes there. The computer interface allows users to manually install the app onto the phone, although the sequences can vary. In short, you need to find the app under [device name] -> iTunes -> files and tinker with it a bit.

In both these approaches, you have to make sure there is a functional, up-to-date version of iTunes on your Apple product. Furthermore, take care to find the file and open it first. Only then will it move to iTunes. It’s a bit harder than with Becric apk, in short.

Mobile Site

For those who don’t feel like bothering with Becric app, there is a perfectly legitimate way of working with this provider in the form of their mobile website. It’s a completely distinct design from the main PC variation, although all the pieces are still there. The features and services aren’t compromised at all.

Becric provides a decent, but relatively small array of games and betting options, if you compare it to some of the bigger, international companies. Becric in particular is focusing on India, which means there is less of everything here, but it’s all done with as much effort as possible.

It shows in the mobile site, in particular. And Becric reviews praise this focus on quality rather than quantity.

There are a handful of fleshed-out pages, and they are connected in a closed, clear system. Basically, you can get to any of the main forms of entertainment from the home page by either clicking on one of the big icons scattered across it or accessing the side menu by clicking on the catalogue icon in top left corner.

There, everything is listed side-by-side, which prevents confusing and makes sure most critical features are in the same place. Besides this catalogue, there are several more pages that can be accessed through the menu in the bottom of the screen or several other links found elsewhere.

Advantages of Becric App

If their mobile site is good enough, why would you bother with the Becric app, then? Well, the latter has a few aces up its sleeve.

These applications have similar layouts, structures and overall designs with the mobile version of the site. That being said, there are some unique improvements done to the applications, simply because it’s a priority. They added stuff that improves navigation, architecture and system in general.

In addition, it’s generally better to use apps in these cases because speed is of essence in gambling. Consequentially, Benric is a better pick compared to the mobile site because it’s lighter. There are generally fewer elements, you don’t have to worry about browse eating up much of your memory, and apps are largely better optimized.

In short, apps are marginally better than the other options, but you’ll still have to download Benric app and install it, which might be a headache.

Sports Betting at Becric App

Unsurprisingly, most people come to Becric for sport bets. Most of their content is arranged with that in mind. In particular, a lot of the local users are Indians, which means such sports as cricket, soccer and badminton are incredibly popular on Becric App.

There are several ways to access the betting functionality on the website. You can click on the big ‘sports’ icon in the middle of your screen that appears when you enter the home page. The popular, relevant matches are normally displayed right above it, and you can go directly to them by clicking on either team.

But the best way is to go through the catalogue icon at the top of your screen. It’ll summon the side menu from the left, where all the different game categories are located. That includes casino games in addition to sports. Click on ‘sports’ and proceed to the page, dedicated to them specifically.

Once here, you can sort by the particular sport to find the upcoming events related to it. These events are then divided into matches, on the outcome of which you can bet your money. There are other sorting capabilities as well on Becric app, including the ‘hot’ option to keep tabs on the most viewed current events.

Becric hosts a lot of big international events. But besides the most popular tournaments from abroad, most other sports events are from Asian countries. Obviously, there are events from Europe, America and Oceania, but matches from India and neighboring countries take precedence.

Becric has a lot of cricket games compared to some of the other Indian cricket betting apps. They focus on lot on this sport, and that’s something of their calling card. They also like to highlight cricket games specifically, and you can often see the current ongoing cricket league from somewhere being featured on the home page.

Website Registration

You can view most of the features on Becric as a guest user, but to actually use these, you’ll have to login into Becric as a full member. To do that, you’ll have to register on the platform. It’s not a long process, surprisingly. In fact, compared to some other providers, this procedure is incredibly short.

That being said, you’ll still need to verify the account even after the registration itself is complete. Without it, it’s impossible to do anything on the website. So, you can consider verification an extended stage of the registration process. All that combined, here’s what you need to fill out to become the full member.




Identity documents scan

Email/phone number


Country of residence


Security code*

The security code will arrive as a phone message to the number you specified. This is necessary to set up an account and as a first step in the verification process. They take it very seriously. Furthermore, it’ll tie your phone number to this account, which will ensure you can return the possession of it in case it gets stolen or lost.

Becric Login

You’ll only have to remember your username and the password to login into Becric. If you can’t remember either, you’ll be able to reset them via email or the phone number you gave the system. If you can’t get a hold of any of these, then the account is lost, unfortunately.

After entering the platform and verifying your account (it can take several days or even weeks, at times), you’ll be able to enjoy all the services Becric has to offer. But don’t rush straight. Instead, poke around the bonus offers and see what you can get from your first deposit.

Gambling platforms often provide welcome bonuses, and they only work for first deposits. If you don’t know the rules behind the local bonus offer, you might be left without an initial gift. Not that you absolutely need them: these are practical and profitable, but not necessary.

There is one such bonus here. So, after you login into Becric, take care to learn all the details surrounding their first deposit bonus. They aren’t complex, but if you don’t follow the guidelines you might accidentally forfeit the entire bonus, which would be a shame.

Bonuses and Promotions

There are some pretty tempting bonuses available on Becric app, but the most lucrative of them is likely the first deposit bonus. It’s accessible to users who created their account and hadn’t deposited any money yet. If you want to receive the bonus, you should subscribe to it and follow the guidelines.

In short, this promotion works by giving you a 100% monetary bonus to whatever money you deposited. The bonus can’t exceed 5,000 rupees (~65 American dollars) and the deposit can’t be less than 500 rupees. If you deposit somewhere between 500 and 2,500 rupees, your investment will double in size.

There are other bonuses similar to that one – some require a Becric promo code to activate. These can be found all over the Internet

Just note that you won’t be able to withdraw the bonus money from your account. They don’t just give away this money – it’s supposed to be gambled away. If you win something in the end, you can invest these winnings alongside your own deposited funds. The bonus money, however, are off-limits.

There are additional limitations besides these, and if you’re interested in acquiring such a bonus for yourself, you had better go and check the extended requirements. If you don’t follow them to the letter, Becric app staff may forfeit the bonus without any compensation.

Becric Casino

There is a Becric casino section on this website, obviously. It’s not as extensive as their sports category, but the games are not bad here.

The section is mostly slot machines with occasional table and card games, as well as a decent live casino subsection. You can access them through the same main menu you use to get to sport betting. Just pick ‘casino’ and you’ll go straight to the catalogue of casino entertainment that they have here.

Slots are, as mentioned, the most extensive of the categories here. There are several hundred of these, many are made or published by Indian providers. Roulettes, baccarat, poker and live casino are also present, but in their own neat categories. You can switch between them easily enough.

In each category, you can further sort the games by several parameters. In case with slots and most other games, it’s the providers. Usually, providers offer similar experiences with games, so it’s a decent way of filtering these. It could be better, though. Well, no reason to complain, really.

It’s different on different game types in Becric app. For instance, live casino has its own interface, as well as the way of finding games. Essentially, it’s considered a separate game variety on this website.

Live Casino

‘Live casino’ refers to the type of casino games played online but with a real dealer. Usually, they are streams, shot by professional dealers for providers such as Becric. They are all live, although it’s possible to pre-film the footage. Adequate gambling providers don’t do that, and Becric app hasn’t been caught doing that.

Their live casino offers an array of roulettes and card games, for the most part. These games are use in such live broadcasts. The card games include the usual blackjack, poker, baccarat, but also India-specific games, such as Andar Bahar and other. There is more than one stream per each of these games.

In fact, you can sort by the game’s theme and even the appearance of the dealer. A lot of people come here to look at the dealers while playing their cards. Well, it’s better than stare at the colorful image, for many users.

FAQ Becric App

Becric has been in the business for a long time. They are a regulated entity, which makes the chance of fraud minimal.

To download Becric app, you should simply click the download button on a proper webpage. That can be the official website or any catalogue of betting apps, such as this one.

Regarding the Becric apk installation, you need a proper file manager. If it can, by design, install the apk files, then it’s good enough for Becric.

After logging into Becric app and depositing some money, go to the side menu. Once there, choose ‘sports’ and pick ‘cricket’ in the following menu. After that, just pick your preferred match and place a bet on a team you like more.

Rohit Sharma is a sports journalist from India who has been in the media since 2015. Over a more than 7 years, Rohit Sharma has worked for several IPL teams as a press officer. He has also worked for several well-known sports resources and had a blog about the cricket.

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