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Bet365 app is a major provider of sports gambling services in Great Britain. The website was set up back in 2000, and since then the company has accumulated a reputation of a generally reliable betting shop. Unlike many of their counterparts, there isn’t really a Bet365 casino section with slot games and similar entertainment.

Instead, the company focuses fully on sports bets, and that includes a ton of various sports games – including regional and niche sports. They are a truly international company, and it’s not like you need to be British to play here. There are even special website versions for Indians, Germans, Russians and more.

bet365 mobile app

In short, there’s an abundance of sports events divided into many game categories. In the general ‘sport’ menu, many of these are united into broad types, such as:

  • Winter sports – biathlon, ski races;
  • Motorsport – NASCAR, F1, motorcycle races;
  • ‘Other’ – surfing, squash, badminton

The more popular games are displayed right away in a neat list with helpful icons to let you navigate better. And it’s not the end of the local sorting capabilities. There is no proper sorting system, but certain pages group these into ‘current plays’, ‘best events’, ‘<2 coefficient’ and some more.

In the end, it’s pretty hard to not match your preferences here. Plus, all this search and navigation can be done even either by using the Bet365 app – one of them, at least. They have a version for iOS and for Android, which makes it pretty tempting to use these, considering they are also comfortable, easy to use and just as full of content.

There are problems, naturally. For instance, some second-tier information isn’t as easy to find when you need it. Furthermore, it seems it’s not an ideally stable app, because a lot of users experience bugs, freezes and glitches.

Bet365 reviews are generally positive, apart from some technical complaints. So, how do you acquire these apps? It depends on what system you use, for starters.

Bet365 App
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How to Download Bet365 for Free on Android

There is an Android Bet365 app, and it’s not at all different from the iOS version, apart from the file format. Android apps use apk format, and it means you can’t just download a single app file and use it for both iOS and Android devices.

That creates some problems, but not exceedingly bad ones.

To download Bet365 app on Android, you need to find where the thing is hosted. The action itself is effortless, but there are several options as to where you can get the app from. The distinctions are minimal, non-essential and you’ll get the same product either way.

bet365 live casino

First off, enable downloading from unknown sources in your settings. If it’s not active, you won’t be able to obtain any file from the Internet, if that’s where you choose to get the file.

  • First method

You can just download it from here. Scroll down and you’ll locate the download button for the Bet365 apk file. It’s almost the same as if you’d download it from Google Play, because the file format is the same, and the file itself is the same. You can just download the app right after finishing this review, if you trust this place.

  • Second method

There’s an official Google Play page of this app. For all the perks of downloading the file from the official Google source, it may just not allow you to download Bet365 based on your country of residence. These are purely store’s rules and they can be bypassed if you use other services to get the app.

Installation Guide for Bet365.apk on Android

The Bet365 apk file needs to be installed if you want to use it. Just downloading it isn’t enough, but it’s not a big deal. The installation sequence on Android is normally very easy, and it differs from method to method.

If you’ve downloaded the app file here or from any other webpage online, the file you downloaded will go directly into your recent files. To install it, you need to access the files, locate the file and click on it. That should start the installation process, during which you’ll be shown some permission forms and an installation window. Click ‘ok’ on everything, and that’ll do the trick.

bet365 app download

This will happen if you have a proper file manager, such as Explorer or similar quality. File managers normally have correct software to install the Bet365 apk or any other apk file you may come across. If it isn’t, then there’s a longer method that requires connection to the PC. You don’t want that, so just install an adequate file manager if your own doesn’t cut it.

If you’ve downloaded the Bet365 apk file from Google Play, you won’t even have to do anything. Adding the app to your device will download and then install it autonomously. But once again, you may not be allowed to have an app on your device or in your country if something doesn’t add up. So, it may not even be an option.

How to Download Bet365 for Free on iOS

There is roughly the same number of users that have the iOS Bet365 app as the Android variant. They are absolutely identical in most aspects, save for the way you acquire the former. In this context, there are some differences. For instance, the file format of iOS apps is ipa, rather than apk.

Furthermore, all installation is done through iTunes, which means you need a functional version before downloading any files.

And the action itself is no different form the same sequence with Bet365 apk. You can receive the file online or from the official store, which is AppStore. It makes no difference if the app is up-to-date on both platforms. The features are going to be all the same. But even if the version is slightly outdated, it will run with enough stability.

First off, you can download a safe and secure version of their ipa file from this very page, which will cost you nothing and save you time. Secondly, there’s still an official scenario where you get the file from AppStore. Like with Google Play, some countries and devices aren’t serviceable in this case, so make your call.

And don’t forget to enable unknown sources settings. Otherwise, you won’t be able to download the Bet365 app through the first method.

Installation Guide for Bet365 Mobile App on iOS

Ok. So, this is a bit harder to pull off compared to the Bet365 apk situation. There’s more nuance to this sequence, and a few more steps. The difference is not stark, but it’s still easier to just use Android. But for iOS, there are two easy enough ways to install this software.

The first way demands you have some sort of installation app. These are somewhat similar to file managers on Android, except they work closely with iTunes and help the apps connect to your device through this media processor. There are lots of these on AppStore – you only need to pick a free, reliable one.

ITunes is required in all other methods of installation. Even if you don’t want to bother with additional software, the downloaded file will have to be opened in iTunes first. To do that, find the file and just click on it. It’ll move it to the iTunes files, which will then enable you to activate it.

The second way is the usual way. If AppStore allows you to download and install the Bet365 app officially, then you may just go for it. In this case, the store will install the app automatically upon downloading it, the process is seamless. If you don’t trust any source other than the official Apple channels, it’s just too.

Bet365 Mobile Site

The platform’s mobile site is almost identical to the Bet365 app, let’s start with that. They even have the same special design, which is different from the PC layout, obviously to make the mobile experience more comfortable. The mobile site structure is still different in several small ways.

Much of the navigation is done through the side menu that can be summoned by clicking on the catalogue icon in top right corner of the screen. There, the sports are arranged in a long, but easily readable catalogue of categories and individual games. Besides that, most sorting capabilities and subsections are also present in this menu.

It’s not the only way of accessing the betting features, however. The home screen is filled with the recent and upcoming events, including the local matches you might be interested in. In short, everything you may need to begin betting is readily available from the start.

There’s no way to get confused in this website, because there’s really only one menu, and the rest are connected to it in one way or another. Even the home page is part of the bigger betting functionality, which is outstanding compared to many other providers that put promotions and general information there.

Advantages of Bet365 App

The Bet365 app, in both its variations, is pretty similar to the mobile site version of this platform. There are minor differences, like major category shortcuts being copied and placed in the bottom of the display. Some were also moved or actually just made up for this footer menu.

For instance, there’s a new ‘search’ option that isn’t on the mobile website. It allows you to find matches by name.

But that’s really all that changed for the Bet356 app. You get the same content, features and tools. That being said, you can enjoy them with more efficiency because of the way this app operates. For starters, you don’t need to open your browser to access the functionality – it’s all on your phone.

So, it’s generally faster to go around the app than it is to work with the site. The only problem is that it can be occasionally negated by the poor state of the Bet356 app. Glitches, bugs and freezes can happen any time, although they aren’t as omnipresent these days.

Sport and Cricket Bets on Bet365 App

Betting on sports is the only true service Bet365 app has to offer. In particular, they have several dozen sports, including internationally beloved varieties (such as soccer, basketball or ice hockey) and regionally popular games (like cricket, rugby or American football). You can pick any of these and just bet.

  • Sports varieties

The usual athletic sports include the popular games, as well as a lot of obscure games. But besides the physically-challenging games, there are also betting opportunities for cybersport, racing bets (Formula 1, NASCAR, etc.) and even Bet365 horse racing. It’s a British provider, after all.

  • How to bet

To access any of these sports, you need to open the main catalogue, which is the three-stroke icon in the top left corner. On PC, it’s a little different, but it’s just as easy to find. Once there, you can pick one of these sports and then go through the list of events. Events are championships, tournaments, cups and leagues. All major and most minor leagues are represented.

There is also a special page for live matches with special coefficients and rules.

To place a bet in the Bet365 app, you need to locate the match you want to gamble on. Usually, there are three options to bet on: win of team #1, tie & win of team #2. Simply pressing on either of these three (sometimes two) options will allow you to place an according bet in a specified amount.

The victory coefficient is usually presented right away, so you can know what the winnings are going to be like in case of correct prediction.

Some tournaments and sports only allow you to bet on the total outcome, which means you bet on the team winning the current league, finals and so forth. In this case, there’s only one betting option per team, but you get to wager on more than one team. In short, there are lots of possibilities.

Bet365 Registration

Before betting on anything in the Bet365 app or otherwise using their services, you need to set up an account on the platform. This procedure is similar to the same process on other gambling platforms. There are three main steps in this sequence, and you’ll need to submit a few personal details during the course.

Personal info

Payment methods

Verification process

Country of residence

Preferred payment method

Scanned ID documents


Preferred currency

Current address/zip-code

E-mail/phone number

Extra preferences

There are some additional pieces of information you can submit, but they aren’t as relevant. The important this is that you need to share all of these, as well as create the usual username/password combination, to be able to login into Bet365. It’s not a lengthy process, but do prepare your documents.

The verification is mandatory and you can’t skip that. Such providers are always very strict about it – it’s both demanded by law and common sense. They do it for your security and for their own. But after submitting all these and waiting for a while until the verification data is approved, you’ll be good to go.

Bet365 Login

The Bet365 login process is as simple as possible. Username and password is all you need to enter. If you forgot the password, you can have it reset via your username. If you forgot that also, you can reset it through e-mail or phone message. It’s absolutely effortless.

There’s another big question at play. Namely: there are many bonuses that can be claimed during the registration process and right after you login into Bet365.

After entering the account, you’ll be able to use any and all features present on Bet365, provided your account is fully verified. It can take some time (up to a month usually). Patience is chief here: these gambling websites aren’t fast when it comes to verifying your account, but they come around eventually.

During the registration, you can use a Bet365 bonus code. Many of them are scattered across the Web. Entering them will grant you a bonus of some sort. The requirements vary, and the bonus can arrive either after the registration is fully complete or after you deposit the money for the first time.

The other bonus sort is a welcome bonus that can be claimed by any new users on Bet365. There’s one such promotion here, and if you want to use this additional money to practice or have an early advantage, you should subscribe to it before making your first deposit. All details are in the ‘offers’ page.

Bonuses and Promotions

There are several cool promotions available on Bet365 app: most are specific to a particular game, and there’s one welcome bonus called ‘Open Account Offer’. Let’s cover it, for starters.

The welcome bonuses are a classic breed of promotions on these platforms. The idea is that they give you a sum of money in case of your successful deposit, and you get to use that in a way they specify. Usually, you need to spend all of these funds before you can withdraw profits. So, it’s a chance to practice or receive your first, small betting winnings, but at the price of a temporarily constrained experience.

This particular offer gives you a 50% bonus to your first deposit, and there’s usually a ceiling to what the maximum bonus can be. The limit is different for different countries, but it’s normally around 100 USD. So, if you want a bonus, then a maximum deposit you can make is 200 USD.

Additional bonuses are meant for particular sports. There are promotions for soccer, basketball, tennis and more. There are accumulator and pay-off bonuses, both pretty much give you more money in case of a wildly successful prediction on a certain event.

Bet365 Casino

The primary Bet365 platform doesn’t have a casino section, but there is an official website called Bet365 Casino. This one provides a wide array of casino games. It’s a separate entity, so you’ll have to set up another account to gamble on their casino games.

It seems to be run by the same company, however.

It’s not too big, but they have several hundred of mostly classic casino games, and they include slots, table games and card cards. There isn’t a whole lot to offer, but it works as a separate catalogue of betting apps from the platform that doesn’t specialize in casino betting.

The strongest part of this provider is the design. It’s comprehensive, simple and yet pretty modern. It’s not a catalogued structure of their parent website, they just showcase all sorts of content they have right on the home page. They do have a few broad categories, picked out into separate pages. These unite poker, slot, table games and live casino.

Various slot, blackjack and roulette games are the most popular forms of entertainment here. And you don’t get to use the applications, because there are none. It’s only the good old mobile website experience. Alternatively, you can just use PC – the website looks very well on that, too.

Live Casino

Bet365 Casino also has a live casino category hosted on their casino subsidiary. It’s a separate category that includes mostly card games and roulettes. Blackjack, poker and baccarat, in particular, are beloved genres here.

The idea of live casinos is that you get to play the same games, but the dealer is not a piece of software, but rather a human being somewhere out there. It may be a special broadcast for players like you, but sometimes it just captures dealers in the wild, working their jobs.

Your role in it all is to place a bet or receive a hand. You can play and interact with the game like you would with any non-live casino game, except you know it’s happening somewhere right now, and that the dealer on the other side is a living person. This way, it’s more enticing for a lot of people who visit Bet365 Casino.

You can pick the game and the dealer that fits your preferences because both are featured on the icon of the particular game.

FAQ Bet365 App

Bet365 app is one of the sports betting providers out there. Not only does it mean that they simply have to protect their reputation, but you also can find a lot of information about them. Fortunately, much of it is positive.

It doesn’t matter whether you use iOS or Android. You can download Bet365 apk, as well as ipa on this page, as well as from their respective online stores, for free.

If you download the apps from somewhere besides the official stores, the methods can vary wildly. Bet365 apk file can be installed with just one click, but the iOS app may require additional software.

Firstly, you need to create an account. After being verified, you can use one of many payment methods to transfer the money to Bet365.

Rohit Sharma is a sports journalist from India who has been in the media since 2015. Over a more than 7 years, Rohit Sharma has worked for several IPL teams as a press officer. He has also worked for several well-known sports resources and had a blog about the cricket.

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