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Betstarexch is one of the many betting platforms in India. There’s mostly usual stuff among their features, like sport bets and some casino games. There are plenty of other providers just like that in this country, but the Betstarexch app obviously has something unique to offer.

They essentially give you a chance to bet on a variety of popular sports, including the most beloved in India (such as cricket and soccer), but many more besides them. And in addition to that, there are a number of casino games. Blackjack and roulette are the obvious options, but there are many India-specific games, as well.

betstarexch mobile app

All of that can be accessed either through their website version or the Betstarexch app. The latter might be a better choice if you aim to entertain yourself while on the road, during work breaks or in other scenarios when you can’t afford a lot of spare time. But there are perks and flaws for both these versions.

In both of these, there are several primary betting/gambling sections:

  1. Sportsbook – all the sports in one place
  2. Sports Live – betting on the outcomes inside a current live match
  3. Exchange – a handy interface for bets on popular sports
  4. Casino – self-explanatory

The Betstarexch app is great because you can switch between them very fast, but the features and options are more-or-less the same across the versions. So, from the content standpoint, it doesn’t really matter which platform you pick, as long as it suits you personally.

Both website and mobile versions are pretty condensed. Betstarexch in general is a very technically-oriented provider. They focus on being as informative as possible without making it too bland. Orderly lists, logical structure and lack of flamboyant design are what this gambling provider is all about.

But now that you know what to except, how do you actually get a Betstarexch app onto your mobile device?

Betstarexch App
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How to Download Betstarexch App on Android for Free

Downloading Android apps isn’t terribly complicated. Now, obviously, you won’t be able to download Betstarexch from any official Google store, because it’s against their rules to offer something that involves actual gambling there. But there are other legitimate sources. For instance, you can find a copy right here.

It doesn’t change the experience or the download routine, just the time you spend searching for the app, as well as safety, to some degree.

betstarexch apk casino

See, all apps you download on Android – no matter from Google Play or somewhere else – are files of apk format. As such, you only need to find a Betstarexch apk file to get going. Fortunately, there’s plenty of that online.

You should be careful where you download it, mind you. Their official website is fine, the reliable app libraries, like the one you’re currently, are also good. The random pages out there aren’t good. The main concern about casino and betting apps is that downloading them usually involves going through third-party websites online. And these can be full of viruses.

The Betstarexch apk file in its pure form is perfectly clean and safe. We check these files for malware and then offer them for free if they are good to go. All you need to do then is to just download the file.

Manual for Installation the Betstarexch.apk on Android

The actual process of downloading the Betstarexch app on Android doesn’t take much. The hardest part is finding the proper place to extract it from. One way or another, after you get it, you’ll need to install the app to start using it. And in this case, you’ll also have to do some preparation firsthand.

First, you need to actually find the file you downloaded. You need to have a proper file managing utility at hand. These things usually create a standalone ‘apk files’ folder for your app downloads to go to. If your file manager doesn’t have that, if it’s poorly made or if you don’t have one, you can just download a good file manager from Google Play.

betstarexch download app

You can install and download Betstarexch app even without it, but this makes it easier.

It’ll never be overkill to have a well-made Android-oriented file manager even if you already have a functional one on your phone. Some file managers can just not show the apk files downloaded from the Web or put them in some wild folder.

Secondly, make sure there are no settings preventing you from installing the files (or downloading them) you got from the Internet. It’s a common issue, and your downloaded Betstarexch apk file will likely tell you something prevents it from being installed either way.

The actual installation process takes two things: clicking the file & waiting for it to install.

How to Download Betstarexch App on iOS for Free

A lot of the same rules apply to downloading Betstarexch on iOS. Naturally, there are some distinctions.

For instance, instead of the Betstarexch apk file, you’ll have to download an ipa format of file. In terms of downloading these, it doesn’t create any start contrast. You still can’t download the app from AppStore or other official sources. You’ll need to do it from the Internet, which means either their official website or reliable pages like this one.

The ipa files aren’t any different in terms of safety. That is to say, the original files don’t have any real malware. If your malware protection complains about the file, you can scan it, and it’ll either not find anything or quarantine it just to be sure. But actually, there isn’t any reason for this provider to put malware into their files.

So, it’s not hard to download Betstarexch, but the real job is to find the proper source.

They get enough money from commissions. Although it’s not amongst the biggest providers in India, they still get enough to make malware in their files more harmful than profitable.

Regardless, to download the Betstarexch app on iOS, you need to find the proper, legitimate source and just click on the download button. After all this talk about the unfeasibility of malware in their files, you still need to be careful, because malware can be added by intermediaries. So, download responsibly.

Manual for Installation the Betstarexch Mobile App on iOS

There are two ways to install an ipa file that you downloaded somewhere outside of the official Apple stores. One is using a special installation tool that would do that without assistance. The other is the old way of synchronizing the thing manually.

The first way is downloading the installation tool, like AnyTrans or Sync. These allow you to install the Betstarexch app file you downloaded without having to boot iTunes or access your computer. That’s an easy way, even if you have to rely on additional software simply to use a betting app.

The second way is connecting the device with the ipa file on it to your PC. From there, the steps can vary, but it’s always about opening the file you downloaded with iTunes and clicking something like ‘synchronize’, ‘app’ or ‘install’. After that, the file will turn into a functional app.

It’s just a matter of what’s more convenient for you currently. If you feel you’ll have to install similar files in the future, you can just get a proper installation app and roll with it. It’s a bit harder than with Betstarexch apk files, as you can see. But if you’re an avid iOS user, you likely know this already.

Mobile Site

If you don’t feel like using a Betstarexch app in any form, you can just boot their website on a mobile device. It’s a proper alternative, but mobile websites often get overlooked because using a website on your mobile phone, when it wasn’t designed to be used there in the first place, is a poor experience.

This concern doesn’t apply here because Betstarexch has a dedicated mobile version of their website. It means that, if the system sees you entering from a mobile device, it’ll redirect you to the special version of the website that was tweaked to fit the phone or the tablet you’re using.

The menus are obviously repositioned and restructured to fit narrow, long displays. It means the clickable buttons are closer together, there’s less unused space and so forth. But besides essential changes that make this website usable on mobile, there are additions that improve the quality of life here.

That includes stuff like the side-menu instead of a header (all the sections are stored in a list that can be accessed from the side), the sports being arranged into a scrollable line rather than a catalogue, and so forth. In short, they did a neat conversion and even made the experience just as convenient as it is on PC.

You might still want to download Betstarexch app, however. It has a number of small perks that make your life even easier compared to the mobile site version.

Advantages of the Betstarexch App

So, after all this talk about different Betstarexch app versions and mobile sites, is it actually any better to choose one over the other? It largely boils down to comfort and your own preferences, but there are some things the app does better:

  • Cleanness
  • Optimization
  • Navigation

The mobile site already does a good job condensing the content of the website into an orderly structure with a good balance between used and unused space, economical use of icons and buttons and other great features for making sure all the essential information is grouped into neat, tight blocks.

It’s true both for Betstarexch apk files and ipa files. They don’t differ at all in terms of content, although the structure can differ somewhat, but that’s because of different display sizes, and not the operating systems.

Despite that, the mobile site version is still confined to the website’s original structure. They have to rearrange everything so that it would look good on the display. The app, however, was created anew, even if the architecture is very similar. It means that many unnecessary elements that had to be shoved aside are now completely gone.

Cricket and Sports Bets

Betting on sports is the largest and most popular section in Betstarexch. As they claim, the service hosts over a thousand sports events every day, which is the testament to the size of their operation.

The Betstarxech app offers a multitude of different sports games (over 30) for you to pick from and bet on. Besides the obvious cricket – which is included into nearly every betting provider in the nation – there are many more choices. Some are basic, like soccer, tennis or basketball.

But there are also more exotic event, like MMA, Australian football, F1 and even some e-sports tournaments, like League of Legends matches. You can access this in a variety of ways. The ‘sportsbook’ holds the most games, and in each of these you can find a list of upcoming matches from today or tomorrow. But here you only bet on the general outcome of who wins.

The ‘sports live’ of the Betstarexch app section is a more intricate feature. They offer you a number of currently played matches from the more popular games. While it plays out, you can bet money on different smaller actions, like whether or not a particular player will score, whether they’ll finish by X time, etc. All the possible predictions are listed for you. You only need to pick an outcome you believe in, if you want to participate.

The ‘exchange’ is basically the same sportsbook, but made into a more technical interface reminiscent of the crypto exchanges. In these, you can exchange bets with other users, which is a different experience compared to betting against the house.

Betstarexch Registration

To use any of these features mentioned above, you obviously need to create a login with Betstarexch. The registration process doesn’t take too long, so it’s not like you’ll be exhausted after doing that. But the not-so-fun part is divulging private information. Unfortunately, you’ll have to tell these guys this stuff to be admitted.

That includes several sorts of information:

Personal info

Contact info

Location info

First name



Second name

Phone Number


Gender (male/female)



Exact address

Besides that, there are also details you need to make up, such as your username and password. These will be used to enter the account, but all the rest is needed for various other, essential purposes. And you don’t want to cheat them, because they’ll compare this information to the other data you’ll have to provide after the registration.

Betstarexch app is surprisingly strict about making sure you’re real and that you didn’t have an account on their platform before. It’s a good enough protective measure against bots, but is also an obnoxious practice. Well, it’s pretty much the same on all of these websites.

Betstarexch Login

After creating and verifying an account here, you can proceed to login into Betstarexch. For it, you only need to use the username (or e-mail) and the password you made up for your account. Although it’s a quick enough process, the information sharing doesn’t stop there.

After all of that, you’ll also have to go through the know-your-client routine. Basically, you’ll have to proof your identity with one of the methods they offer. They’ll compare the information you gave prior with what you submitted here and then they may or may not give you access to the proper money management, like the Betstarexch withdrawal features.

You can’t bypass that, unfortunately. But after that, all essential features will be open to you. Well, they will have to verify the documents before allowing you to be a fully functional member, but that’s just nuance.

There are also not too many bonuses after you login into Betstarexch. Usually, there are lots of promotions for the new arrivals, but just a handful here. So, you can go ahead and start gambling without the fear of missing out on some cool bonus for fresh participants, like the no-deposit bonuses on other websites.

First Deposit Bonus

There is a small number of interesting bonuses on the Betstarexch app, but not the wild abundance the other websites have. There is stuff like ‘Texas Hold ‘Em’ bonus and ‘Deuces Wild’, which add to the gambling opportunities on the website. But there’s only one deposit bonus.

This deposit can be claimed at any time, granted you haven’t yet made a deposit. This bonus gives you a 100% bonus to the amount you deposited, which means it’ll double in size. It sounds like an outstanding deal, and it largely is, but there’s a catch. Namely, you won’t be able to withdraw the money until you spend all the money received as a bonus.

So, even if you use this massive bonus in some successful bets, you’ll have to continue risking these winnings because withdrawing isn’t an option until then. And if you decide to forfeit the bonus money, they’ll also suck up all the winnings you received in the meantime. It’s the same as in many other betting apps, essentially.

Because you won’t lose more than the bonus amount anyway (if you don’t go all-in, that it), you’ll still get some winnings. The problem is, you’ll have to spend a lot of time with this bonus, and be careful with it. You can’t deposit any more money before you spend the bonus, either.

Betstarexch Casino

Besides the various types of sports betting, there’s a decent section dedicated to Betstarexch casino games. It includes stuff like baccarat, blackjack, many Andar Bahar games (the local card game), some slot games and many more. There are some hundreds of these, and you can pick the one you like the most, but the navigation in this section isn’t too pleasant.

Both on the mobile website and the PC version, they made a rather poor job arranging the menu of the different game categories. The games types are listed in a single line above and they include a lot of obscure, minor games mixed into the more popular games. The most popular ones are still in the front, so it’s not that much of a nuisance.

After you pick your category, you’ll be given a basic list of games, arranged in some system, known only to the staff. You can’t sort them in any way, except only by provider. So, you’ll have to go through this mass of different games if you want to find your favorite one.

No, actually, you can sort by big general categories, such as ‘hot’ and ‘new’, but there’s no telling how these get sorted, but at least you can get semi-popular games in ‘hot’. Either way, Betstarexch casino is not a pleasant section comparably, but you can still find cool games without too much effort.

Live Casino

Live casino is a common category of casino games on such websites. It’s basically different card or table games, but streamed live from some casino. It’s neat because you can pretend to interact with a real dealer and have a more comfortable time if you miss the casino life.

But there isn’t a lot of this in Betstarexch casino. They have a category called ‘live from casino’, but usually there’s only 1-2 games at any given moment. It’s not a very popular game type here, but it’s probably because this provider doesn’t want to spend resourced connecting to different broadcasts, it’s somewhat demanding.

So, if you’re a fan of live casino games, this provider is just not your option. It’s more for sports betting (they spent a considerable amount of effort on these features) and normal casino games. The former is the bigger of these two sections, as you might’ve caught on.

FAQ Betstarexch App

Users mostly come here because of the betting capabilities. There are extensive, interesting features that allow you to wager money in a compelling, comfortable way.

You can download it on this very website, so you don’t need to seek far. But if you want to get it from the original source, it’s somewhere on their official website.

Depending on the operating system, you need to either click on it or have a special app. The former is true for the Android (Betstarexch apk files), and the latter – for Apple products (ipa files).

It’s quite easy – you only need to click on a small wallet icon in the top right corner of the screen. After that, you’ll be taken to the page with all possible payment methods and information about them.

Rohit Sharma is a sports journalist from India who has been in the media since 2015. Over a more than 7 years, Rohit Sharma has worked for several IPL teams as a press officer. He has also worked for several well-known sports resources and had a blog about the cricket.

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