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The world of online gambling is full of different betting and casino solutions, which is why the choice of a platform to use could be a difficult one. Betway is one of the largest and more successful such providers out there. Although only founded in 2006, they’ve accumulated some many thousands of constant users and a reliable reputation (Betway reviews are mainly positive).

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It’s an international provider with dedicated versions for many countries in the world. Legally, they are hopping between Britain and Malta, which explains why many of their partners are British and why the catalogue of games looks like it was compiled by an Englishman. That’s also why the platform is so popular in India.

Presently, the Betway app offers several sorts of entertainment:

  • Sports bets
  • E-sports bets
  • Casino games
  • ‘Vegas’ games (casino games with a special Vegas touch)
  • Live casino games

You can access any of these through their official website, but you can also use their features through a Betway app. In fact, there are 4 of them, including all the major sections, except for e-sports. They generally use a similar design and have a similar structure, but vary depending on the purpose of a particular app.

The need to set up several apps at the same time arose from the fact that there are lots of features and content available in each respective section. So, it’s much easier to use several separate applications than it is to have all the eggs in the same basket. They can all be downloaded from their official website, Google Play, AppStore or just here.

Betway app variations are plentiful in terms of content, but that’s not all of their advantages. They are comfortable enough and you can’t complain about the technical aspects, like optimization or stability. Overall, Betway offer a versatile gambling experience on a comfortable interface.

And you also don’t have to sweat to install and download Betway.

Betway App
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How to Download Betway App for Free on Android

Betway app variants are free to download on Android. There are 4 main variations that give you any sort of interactive content, such as games or sports to bet on: Sports, Casino, Live Casino and Vegas. Finding them is not as hard as it is with many other gambling apps.

Betway can be downloaded from Google Play, the company’s official website or from trustworthy app catalogues such as the one you’re currently on. It doesn’t really matter, because the content is exactly the same either way. It is slightly different in terms of steps you need to take.

betway apk live casino

With Google Play, you only need to find the correct app, click ‘download’ on the big green button and wait for it to both download and install on your device. It’s incredibly easy, but might not be a relevant option for some people. No matter, you can download a Betway apk file from alternative sources.

With alternative sources, you have to download the app, locate the file on your device and then install it. You can find the app on the official website of Betway, but it needs some time. If you don’t feel like wasting it, you can just scroll down and find the downloadable file right here.

So, as you can see, it’s not hard to download Betway apk on mobile.

Manual for Installation of the Betway.apk on Android

It doesn’t take much to install the Betway apk file, but it can vary depending on where you got the app from.

If it’s Google Play store, then the app will be installed automatically after you download it from the page. It may not be available in your country, but there’s no problem installing it if it isn’t. If it’s on Google Play, then it’s been screened for malware and other such problems and declared clean.

betway download app

On alternative sources, you’ll need to install the app manually. Downloading and installing are two separate processes in this case. After you’ve gotten the Betway apk file from the Internet, you’ll have to locate it on your device and just click on the file once. It may cause several pop-ups to appear, but that’s generally all it takes to install an app you got from the Web.

The files from ‘unknown sources’ may not be tolerated as well by your phone or your malware protection, however. The phones usually have a setting that blocks all third-party apps that aren’t downloaded from Google Play. With malware protection, the logic is similar – they are just suspicious of all files downloaded from the Internet, so it might be prudent to deactivate it for a Betway apk file.

How to Download Betway App for Free on iOS

The process is not terribly different on iOS. A Betway app can be downloaded from AppStore, Betway’s official website or this website. It is, however, a bit different compared to the same process but on Android. The content and all features, however, are exactly the same across the systems.

On AppStore, the action is just as smooth. The app is free here, you only need to find it in the store and download it. On alternative sources, downloading the apps feels exactly the same as with the Betway apk versions. In this case, they are exactly the same – it’s with the installation process that distinctions really shine.

Usually, it doesn’t take much to download any of these files, but, again, it can be problematic if you have special settings that prevent you from downloading apps from ‘unknown sources’. In this case, you’ll only have to go to your settings and enable receiving files from such sources. After that, there should be no problems.

After the Betway download is complete, you’ll also need to locate it on your phone before installing it. If you can’t do it easily, swap the file manager for a better one.

Manual for Installation of the Betway Mobile App on iOS

There are two ways to install a Betway app, and they differ, as always, based on the source you got the app from.

AppStore installs the app autonomously: it doesn’t even have boundaries between downloading and installing, as far as the interface is concerned. When you click on the ‘download’ button, it’ll do all the heavy lifting itself. You need to only wait a few moments before the app is available to you.

Alternative sources imply that you only download the Betway app file. To install it, you need to do a few more steps. It’s required to actually synchronize the thing with your device. It’s done either by using one of the many installation tools available on AppStore or manually through your PC.

The latter means you need to access the files through a computer and synchronize the file manually. It’s a much harder way to download Betway app on iOS.

However you do that, the app will be available shortly. It’s likely you’ll have to go through several pop-up windows containing different permissions to interact with the device, and so forth. Some settings may also prevent the installation from being complete, but these are just nuances.

It is slightly harder than with Betway apk files, so you might consider using an Android device if you have it.

Betway Mobile Site

You can still use the mobile version of their website if you don’t want to bother with the Betway app versions. It’s one of several distinct ways to utilize Betway, and it’s actually not just a PC version with some rearrangement measures. They have a separate structure going on in the mobile site.

So, the PC version has a detailed, but slightly excessive design. They rely on style as much as practicality, which is understandable enough. The mobile version is pure pragmatism. They put all the features as tightly as possible together, while also getting rid of some secondary features.

These include unnecessary sections, like the ‘e-sports’ and ‘Vegas’ ones, which can be unified with ‘sports’ and ‘casino’ menus for the exactly same result, but with less space used unnecessarily. That’s basically an upside – especially considering you’ll want all your features and content packed tightly on your display.

There are also stylistic differences, as mentioned.

The PC version looks pleasant, and the detail placement is done with taste, that much is certain. They did spread them around because the big computer displays allow this, but it also enabled them to play around with the way different menus work and the way components work together.

The mobile site doesn’t care about appearance: they just had a big old catalogue of bets with different sections packed inside the same menu above. Moreover, there are lots of national versions, like Betway Canada, Betway India and more.

Advantages of the Betway App

Despite the general efficacy of the mobile website version, you might be more comfortable with another mobile variations of Betway – the Betway app (one of them, anyhow). Actually, that’s how they intend you to use their services, while the previous variant being just a back-up.

From the apps’ description, you might’ve already guessed what the perks of using these might be, but let’s just reiterate their essence in a jiffy. The main advantages include:

  • Tasteful design
  • Excellent layout
  • Comfort

These perks are actually interconnected to a degree.

The appearance of these apps (they are very alike) is not dissimilar to the general direction they took for the PC version. It’s minimalistic, but capable of accommodating many features in a limited number of menus. And they did it so you can find anything you want with ease and comfort.

In short, not only do Betway apps look good, but they are simultaneously very practical.

Cricket and Sports Bets

Betway app is big in India, which makes it not-so-surprising to discover that they have cricket among the top betting options in the sports category. In addition, of course, there are several dozen other sport games, including a lot of European-preferred sports, such as football, hockey and even primarily British entertainment, such as horse racing.

Once you enter the ‘sports’ section of Betway, you’re met with a catalogue that contains a number of these sports. It’s just an old-fashioned vertical list, but it doesn’t create any discomfort. It’s easy to find the sport you like. And if you don’t feel like going through the list, there’s a menu up above that contains all the currently popular sports in a neat order of no more than 5 games.

Choose one of these sports and you’ll be given a number of the ongoing and upcoming matches, sorted by the time of starting up to several days ahead. You can rotate between leagues from various nations either in the ‘popular’ section above or ‘quick links’, if it’s there in your version.

The betting action is pretty simple. You obviously need money on your account to do anything of the sort. If you do, it’s just a matter of picking one of the participants (or the draw variant), specify your stake and see what you can receive if your prediction is true. You can only predict the winning team, and the rates are always visible right away.

So, it’s an easy, comfortable process with a lot of options to choose from – much better than many other bookmaking providers.

Betway Registration

To start betting, you need to create a Betway login. That entails a short registration process. Although it’s usually pretty uncomfortable, because they ask you to submit some personal information, but at least Betway designed this part of their website in a handy, foresighted way.

What it means is that all the necessary information needs to go in one of many big boxes. These are divided into three logical stages, and there’s even an absolutely stunning list of welcome bonuses that you can claim right here, which is an incredibly pleasant addition.

So, to complete a Betway registration process, that’s what you have to submit:

Personal details

Account information

Contact details

First name


ZIP code/address

Last name


Phone number

Date of birth


You also get to set up daily, weekly and monthly limits on your depositions. There are lots of options, and it slightly changes the way you’re charged on this website/app. You can change them after you login into Betway in your personal profile settings.

Besides an extensive menu containing different welcome bonuses, of which you may claim one or none, that’s about it. Well, you also can specify how you want them to address you (mister, miss or missis), which is just as important.

Betway Login

After specifying all these bits of information, you need to confirm it through e-mail or phone. Following that, you’ll be able to login into Betway, which grants you the ability to go through the features unrestricted. To login, you can use your username and your password.

Although you’ll be admitted everywhere after that, you still won’t be able to use all the features of the website. The full functionality still requires you to complete identity verification. Basically, you’ll have to submit documents that proof that what you told about yourself is true and that you’re not a bot.

It can take some time before they approve of this information. In the meantime, you won’t be able to fully use the functionality of the Betway app. Concerning the exact amount of time, it varies based on lots of facts, but it’s usually no more than a month. It’s a necessary step that can’t be bypassed, unfortunately.

Fortunately, they tell you an approximate timespan of your approval period and will keep you updated on the status of your application. So, it’s just a question of being patient.

Welcome Bonus

As mentioned, you can pick one of several welcome bonuses right during the registration. There are six of these bonuses, they are clearly labeled, the bonuses are clearly described and you can view the full, detailed terms and conditions through a little link under each individual one.

The cool design choices don’t end there. See, each of these bonuses is dedicated to one of the 5 main categories (sports, e-sports, casino, live casino, Vegas). You can clearly see what they are for, because they don’t have exquisite names like ‘Ultra Lucky Star Promotional Welcome Bonus’ – instead, it’s just labeled after the category. And what’s more, each of them is given a unique color for quick identification.

Each category has one dedicated bonus (except for ‘sports’ – it has two). Most are either straight cash bonuses of up to £50 (or an equivalent) upon your first deposit. There are also bonuses like free spins and sometimes unique offers. They aren’t too big compared to some other welcome bonuses out there, but there is a catch.

While most welcome bonuses make sure you’re stuck with them until they are used up, and they usually take away your winnings, you can withdraw your money (deposits and winnings) at any time on Betway. This will forfeit the remaining bonus cash you have, but that’s it. If you smell a good time to quit, you can just act on it.

Betway Casino

Betway also has a casino section, like many other betting apps in the trade. It has its fans, although the betting shop is probably a more popular way of entertaining oneself here. They stayed true to themselves designing this place. It has a lot of great casino games, and they are all divided into many subcategories.

Besides the usual ‘top games’, ‘new games’, there are plenty of groups for specific game types, such as ‘table games’, ‘roulette’, ‘blackjack’, ‘slots’ and more. And it doesn’t cut it, you can always look for a preferred game you know but can’t find manually. For that, use the search bar.

On each of these games, you can view extensive information even without signing up. Just click on a little ‘information’ icon, and they’ll give you a rundown on what this game is all about, along with a big ‘play’ button. You can commend the Betway app developers for their good taste, again.

Concerning the local selection, they have most beloved games people like to play across the world. There are also few unique games that you might not have seen before, and you can try them out. There’s no guarantee they are any good, but at least you’re given all the information you need to pick a game that suits you in particular.

It’s hard to say which of these game groups is given preference, because there are over four hundred of these here.

Live Casino

There’s a special menu, called ‘live & real’ on Betway app. Usually, these are part of a greater casino functionality on these websites. However, Betway has so many of these that they gave it its own spotlight. This menu has groups of its own, including ‘blackjack’, ‘baccarat’, ‘poker’ and even stuff like intricate game shows.

Basically, each of these are the same games as you would play on the casino page we already discussed, except they are all streamed live from somewhere. That means there’s a host, a dealer or some other person who runs the gambling action on screen and lets you participate as a player from far-away.

Betway live casino is great because you can pretend to be in a real casino, while also spending your time in a special aesthetic with a real person who interacts with (not actually with you, specifically) in real time. There’s a lot of depth to this, and you can really enjoy the experience if you miss the actual casino or just like this kind of shows.

As mentioned, this category even has its own app – Betway Live Casino. So, in terms of entertaining yourself this way, Betway is a long way ahead most of its counterparts. You really shouldn’t look much farther than this company if you like live casino games.

FAQ Betway App

It’s one of the biggest betting providers out there. They have a great reputation, including user reviews on Betway website and Betway apps across the platforms. Moreover, they are regulated in United Kingdom.

Find the downloadable file here, on their website or on one of the primary mobile stores. After that, just click the button to download Betway and you’re good.

The installation process for the Betway apk file is simple. You only need to click on it to install the app.

You need to create the account, verify your identity, deposit some money and go to the ‘sports’ page. Once there, pick ‘cricket’ and explore your opportunities.

Rohit Sharma is a sports journalist from India who has been in the media since 2015. Over a more than 7 years, Rohit Sharma has worked for several IPL teams as a press officer. He has also worked for several well-known sports resources and had a blog about the cricket.

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