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Indibet is one of the bigger Indian online betting agencies. They particularly specialize in cricket, which is the single most popular sport in this country. But besides that, there are also a number of other games that you can place bets on. And on top of that, a number of casino games are available on the website.

Indibet is different from most other bookmaking providers and casinos, both in India and internationally. It’s an older provider with a stricter, more orderly design with as little unnecessary features as possible. It’s basically a series of books you can interact with to make wagers.

Much of their effort is concentrated on cricket. It’s a standalone category on their website, and most users come here to place a bet of the ongoing on future cricket matches. In addition, there is a sportsbook with more sports events, including soccer, tennis, basketball and more.

indibet mobile app

Like any good bookmaking provider, they have a mobile app, so you can gamble both through their online terminal and the Indibet app. Both are convenient methods of spending your money on predictions for various sport activities. They can seem poor compared to the flamboyant websites other companies have, but it’s deceptive.

You could consider the mobile app the better of two options, when it comes to either the website version or the application. Most people use the former, because it’s quick, convenient and easy to navigate. And there are many advantages, this much is true. But it still has the same features as the big version.

The app has all the necessary capabilities, including most casino games and all the sports betting options available on the website itself. Moreover, you can access all the features you need in just a few clicks, unlike the web version. There isn’t much to tell about it, really – it’s just simple and good.

Indibet App
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How to Download Indibet App for Free on Android

To download the Indibet android app, you need to download Indibet APK file, which is the normal format for Android-supported applications (.apk). The usual way is to go through the many webpages of Indibet’s official website, find the right button to download the file and pray everything goes right.

That’s the intended way, anyhow.

But you can also download Indibet app from here. It’s the exact same file, and there’s very little chance they got some kind of malware in there – we checked for it. Still, to download a file from any source other than Google Play, there is something you need to do first. It’s not the same.

indibet casino apk

For instance, you might want to enable ‘downloading from unknown sources’ in your settings, which usually forbids the device from receiving files from obscure webpages.

It’s just a precaution to make sure you don’t download anything accidentally. You also might want to deactivate your malware detector or tell it to ignore the Indibet APK file specifically, because they tend to find many files from unknown sites suspicious. There shouldn’t be any malware in these files, because Indibet is an old provider who values its reputation dearly.

And after all, they make enough money from commissions.

Manual of Installation for Indibet.apk on Android

After receiving the Indibet APK file, you’ll need to install the app contained within it to start using Indibet. For it, you need to locate the file and simply click on it. The installation will be done automatically after that. But to get to that point, you might want to make a few extra steps.

  • Get a file manager

File managers are an easiest way to find the file you just downloaded. These applications categorize your files into folders, and ‘downloads’ is one of them. Your device may have it by default. If not, get one because there’s no telling where the Indibet APK will go once downloaded.

indibet download app

After getting one, proceed to the ‘downloads’ folder and locate the file you need. It’s not going to be hard.

  • Allow the installation of third-party files

There are several things that needed doing in this context. First, you’ll have to agree with the terms and conditions of the Indibet APK, which might appear as pop-up windows. There may be several of them, and this persistence can put off some people. But that’s just a regular routine.

You may also want to disable the antivirus software because, depending on what sort of software you use, it may block the app from being installed.

How to Download Indibet App for Free on iOS

Indibet app is also available on Apple products, fortunately. They also don’t get featured on the AppStore, which means an indirect installation is also required here, just like with the Android apps. It’s hosted on the official website, obviously, but you can just as well download it from this website.

By downloading it, you’ll get your hands on an IPA Indibet app, which is the typical file for iOS applications. The installation of these files is a tad different from their counterparts on Android. Because of a more centralized state of Apple products, you are required to download them onto iTunes.

So, before receiving the file, make sure your iTunes is up-to-date and fully functional. Otherwise, you won’t really be able to star the installation, which is the next step in this routine.

Besides these small differences, the downloading process is very similar to the things you have to do on Android. You’ll want to locate the ‘unknown sources’ setting on your device and set it to ‘trust’. Without that, you simply won’t be able to download the Indibet app, the device won’t let you.

Manual of Installation for Indibet Mobile App on iOS

Installing apps on iOS is slightly trickier than on Android. As mentioned, you’ll have to use your iTunes to install the app onto your device. Here’s how it goes, step-by-step:

  1. Download Indibet app
  2. Locate and click on it to add it to iTunes
  3. Connect your device to PC
  4. Find the app (iTunes -> [device name] -> Programs)
  5. Right click on it and press ‘synchronize’

It’s one of the easier ways, although you can theoretically do it even faster through special installation software, like AppSync. Regardless of what you do, the Indibet app will then be fully synchronized with your phone, which means you’ll be able to launch it after going through all these steps.

Like in other cases, you may need to disable the malware detection for a spell. The chances of these files being harmful are miniscule, but they are often treated with suspicion because they come from gambling websites. If you don’t trust Indibet enough to disable your protection for some random, it’s fine.

There are other ways to use Indibet, besides Indibet APK and IPA apps.

Mobile Site

Using Indibet’s website on mobile isn’t a terrible option. In fact, the company’s apps (both Indibet APK and IPA) don’t seem strikingly different from the good old website. Sure, the latter has a distinct structure with its own way of accessing games, sports and other sections. It’s structured more like a multilayered catalogue.

The PC web version, whereas, is more of a collection of menus, arranged side-by-side. If you run it on a mobile device, it means this architecture will have to be realigned to fit the display. It happens, but they also have a distinct mobile version of their website that reflects the needs of a mobile user.

The mobile capabilities allowed them to make a mobile version with all the main menus placed side-by-side with big buttons at the bottom of the screen. It looks like a couple of icons with clear meaning behind every one of them. Each of these menus leads to pages, filled with categories and features – all with a clear vertical hierarchy and visible navigation.

You could say using Indibet website on a mobile device is better than doing it on PC, because the former is slightly all over the place. As for the app, it’s actually not clear which of these versions is better, because they are very similar. The apps do have a number of perks, however.

Advantages of the Indibet App

Indibet app is pretty similar in appearance and functionality to the mobile version of this company’s website. But it doesn’t mean there are no specific perks that only a mobile app could have. It means both the special provisions this version of Indibet has, as well as the general advantages of using a mobile application.

  • Fast launch

Booting the website in any form is obviously going to take you more time than if you’d just find the app on your phone and launch it. You don’t have to suffer through the browser’s shenanigans or even touch it. Indibet app is developed in such a way that you can place a bet very quickly without going through the countless menus.

Moreover, browser takes processing power from your phone, which means the web version will lag and freeze much more often.

  • Great optimization

Indibet app in particular has a streamlined structure with great connection to the provider’s servers. The problem with many gambling apps is that they are often littered with unnecessary elements that load the device and give nothing of substance. Indibet is not only very clean in terms of design, but they also removed all the worthless data from the system.

In this way, it’s better than most other cricket online betting apps.

Bets on Sports and Cricket

Indibet is primarily a bookmaking service, meaning they provide betting features on sports, and cricket in particular. It’s an Indian provider, so naturally cricket gets its own section on the website. A lot of people download Indibet specifically to bet on cricket. That doesn’t mean the provider concentrates only on that, but it’s the primary focuses.

The cricket section unifies a number of popular matches across the world. The menu displays the games a week ahead, although there isn’t always enough information to fill these details beforehand. And the time is not the only sorting parameter available in this section, there are also filters by rates, sessions, players and more.

The sports section is a bit different. It contains a list of various sports (about 20-25 classic sports and a dozen e-sports categories), each of which has a number of its own categories. Besides that, there are also a number of additional filters that allow you to view the list of matches at different angles, creating a very in-depth experience.

The other way of using Indibet app and its sports betting capabilities is go to their ‘exchange’ menu. This one includes all the features mentioned above, except structured into a single, orderly list with all the technical details displayed on their right. What’s different is that exchange has even fewer unnecessary details. It’s strictly technical and meant for people who take their wagers very seriously.

In short, Indibet offers a lot of betting capabilities, which together create a deep, technical approach to betting. Unlike many other Indian providers, this one doesn’t really look like a casino, but rather like a decent financial partner.

Indibet Registration

To start using Indibet app, you’ll obviously need to create an account there. Although you can view a lot of their features unauthorized, you’ll have to login into Indibet if you want to be an active participant of this service. It requires you to submit a few pieces of general information to create an account, as well as something else.

The know-your-client policies on these websites require users to verify their person by submitting the identification, selfies or other data that can proof that you’re a living breathing person. Without it, the provider would be exposed to bot attacks and other sorts of fraudulent activity, which would neither benefit users nor the staff.

But that’s going to happen later. The first steps require typical information:

  1. One of your active email addresses
  2. A phone number
  3. A username (create one)
  4. A password (create one)

Right on the registration sheet, you’ll have to verify the phone number by receiving a code via SMS. To continue, you’ll have to submit it. So, the phone is a mandatory part of this process. You can also put in a promotional code, if you have one. These usually give some sort of a starting bonus.

Indibet Login

Once you’ve set up an account on the Indibet app, you’ll be able to use the data you submitted to login into Indibet. To do that, you need nothing else other than the username and the password. This step doesn’t even have its own pop-up window or a dedicated page. It’s consists of two lines for ‘account’ and ‘password’ in the top right corner.

You need to do the same procedure if you’re entering through the mobile version of the website or through an app. They vary in appearance there, but it’s the same process essentially. It’s nearly impossible to miss the buttons for either registration (sign up) or authorization (login).

Just remember that after your first login, it’s still possible to claim one of the welcoming bonuses from this provider. If you deposit money on your own, this right will be forfeited. So, don’t just go depositing money right away. You might want to peek into their ‘promotions’ section or, better yet, look around the web for promotional codes, but that requires you to put them in during the registration, usually.

But yes, once you’ve entered the username and the password, you’ll be able to explore the intricacies of Indibet app freely. That being said, some features, like the funds withdrawal, won’t be accessible unless you go through with the KYC procedures. These are essentially like the verification processes on dating apps, if that helps.

Bonuses and Promotions

They have a few cool promotions you might want to check out right after you create an account on this website. These bonuses largely mean a monetary bonus of some sort.

Welcome bonuses:

The welcoming bonuses are particularly famous. Some of these bonuses are no-deposit promotions. It means you can’t claim them if you’ve made a deposit already. On Indibet, these bonuses involve deposits, like the ‘CASINO WELCOME BONUS’ give add a bonus onto your deposit. In this case, for instance, you get a 3x bonus onto your first deposit.

Either way, the catch is that you can’t withdraw any of your money, including winnings or just money from your balance, unless you use the Indibet bonus in its entirety. So, it’s only when to spend everything except the winnings that you’ll be clear to withdraw the money somewhere.

There is a nice selection of these in the ‘promotions’ menu. Most of these are welcome bonuses of some sort, and you can pick the one you like the most. There’s up to 10 of these at any given moment, but the roster changes and even in worst days it’s quite enough.

Other bonuses:

Besides them, there are additional bonuses you can claim after you’ve used up all the money from the welcome bonuses. These are primarily cashback or added-value bonuses that anyone can subscribe to. Just know that they aren’t active by default – you need to consciously activate these, sometimes on special occasions.



Cricket Welcome Bonus

100 Rupees + 3x deposit bonus

Casino Welcome Bonus

100 Rupees + 3x deposit bonus

Monday Slots Mania

10% bonus to winnings

Sultry Slots Mania

10% bonus to winnings

Tuesday Blackjack Cashback

10% cashback on daily losses

Kabaddi Welcome Bonus

100 Rupees + 3x deposit bonus

Indibet Casino

There’s also an Indibet casino section has a gambling section, although it’s not as popular. Still, a lot of people like to play slot games once in a while. In fact, that’s exactly what much of their casino part is about. It’s filled with different slot games, and if you go to the page where all of these stored.

You can’t really sort them using some sort of single filtering system, but there are several categories that unite the existing games based on genre, theme, game logic or plain popularity and being new. Many of them are present in several categories, so you won’t have a hard job picking a few games that suit your preferences.

There are also some non-slot games, like the classic racetrack games and similar ‘virtual games’. The bulk of these still consists of slot games, which are the straightforward games with 3 or more slots with changing images on them. Usually, the winning combinations are all written on the side in each of these games.

Although not strictly bad, it falls short of many proper casino providers. Well, obviously, these games are a secondary sort of entertainment found on the Indibet app, which means they put just a marginal amount of effort into these. They basically host a number of more popular games in one place without any particular quality of life – just a bunch of games on the same page.

Live Casino Indibet

Live casino is a distinct group of casino games. These are primarily roulettes and card games, except there is also a dealer. Not an avatar or an algorithm, but a living person streaming their work from wherever. It can be either a dedicated stream for such websites or just a live recording of the random casino somewhere.

The point is: the person on the other side keeps dealing cars or working the roulette, while users make bets on the outcome of each round. So, although the stream host doesn’t really interact with you, you, as a user, interact with the stream to make bets. It’s a thrilling experience, because it draws one closer to the actual casino life.

This particular casino offers a variety of roulette options, blackjack variations, poker, baccarat, teen patti (an Indian card game) and even stuff like rock, paper, scissors. An even besides them, there’s a number of interesting one-offs, some unique to Indibet. There’s a neat selection, in short.

FAQ Indibet App

Indibet is regulated in several jurisdictions, but that obviously may not be enough for some people. A long history of good relations with the users is likely a more reputable source.

It’s simple, there are two ways to download the Indibet app. You can either download the files for your particular OS from here or go to their official website and do the same thing there.

All you need to do is download the Indibet APK file from any of the legitimate sources. After that, just locate the file in your ‘downloads’ folder and click on it. The rest is done automatically.

There are no special requirements for cricket betting on the Indibet app. Just create an account, deposit money and click a few buttons in the ‘cricket’ section.

Rohit Sharma is a sports journalist from India who has been in the media since 2015. Over a more than 7 years, Rohit Sharma has worked for several IPL teams as a press officer. He has also worked for several well-known sports resources and had a blog about the cricket.

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