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Lotto247 is gambling provider from India that specializes primarily in lotto, as well as some casino games. Among such companies in the country, Lotto247 is considered one of the larger platforms. They have thousands of everyday users, many of which come to participate in the lotto games this provider offers.

All of these lottery games (of which there are at least 10 big names at any moment) are hosted on Lotto247 but organized by various organizations all over the world. For instance, there is an American MegaMillions, a German 6aus9, etc. Lotto247 only acts as a broker between you and all these games. And they do that very well, judging by all the good reviews on Lotto247.

lotto247 mobile app

As such, Lotto247 is really just a catalogue of lotteries with a unique interface.

They understand this role of theirs perfectly, which is why they spent a lot of time designing a user-friendly, convenient design both for their website and the Lotto247 app. It’s fairly similar in both instances, and you can describe it as flavorful, flamboyant and readily comprehensive.

All game and info categories are sorted into a number of general menus:

  1. All Lotteries
  2. Lottery Results
  3. Casino
  4. Slots
  5. Live Casino
  6. Table Games
  7. Bingo
  8. Keno

That’s a very well-designed catalogue with extensive information and content inside each menu. ‘All Lotteries’ contains 15 major lotteries with information on them, ‘Lottery Results’ offers update on current games you partake in, ‘Casino’ is pretty self-explanatory, and ‘Keno’ is a standalone page with various keno games.

It’s a lot of content, actually. They, however, managed to arrange all these elements in such a way that you don’t get confused or lost wandering through the pages and menus. It’s a simple, yet clear design, which is really what you’d want from such a provider. That goes both to Lotto247 app and their website.

The app variation is a better option because of the obvious speed and comfort advantages. But how do you get them?

Lotto247 App
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How to Download Lotto247 App for Free on Android

If you want to download the Lotto247 app on your Android device, you’ll need an apk file of this platform. Apk is a normal file format for Android apps – every Google Play application is an apk file, except they get downloaded and then installed in a short sequence. But Lotto247 is not on Google Play.

A Lotto247 app download process takes you somewhere else. There is an official app somewhere on the company’s official website, but you have to locate it first. Unfortunately, it’s not that easy. Fortunately, you still get to download the app from other sources, such as this very website.

lotto247 apk slots

If you trust the source and you know it’s the latest version, there’s no reason not to download the app. They are connected to the 247’s network and have all the latest details on lotteries and the content in its entirety. As for virus concerns, such companies very scarcely filled with malware, because it’s unprofitable for them.

The download proper is easy. You have to find the download button for the Lotto247 apk and click on it. The file will be added onto your device, and then it’s just a matter of finding it in the files. Doing so doesn’t mean you installed it – it’s an entirely separate action.

Installation Manual for Lotto247.apk on Android

To install the app and use it to your heart’s content you need it on your device, obviously. With the Lotto247 apk file (and apk files in general), it’s incredible easy. Just find the file and click on it. Some notifications will pop-up, but these are mainly permissions and other routine.

The manual installation on Android devices is not like on PC. You don’t need to go through a number of stages to specify what goes where. You just click on it, give a few permissions if necessary and wait for the app to get installed. The only problem may be with the app being blocked from installing by the device itself.

lotto247 download app

It usually has something to do with the current settings of either the phone itself or the software on your phone. But it’s easily resolvable by just googling the solution, since it’s the same for everyone with your device model.

There can also be a compatibility problem between the Lotto247 apk file and your phone. Normally, it happens when the app hasn’t yet been updated to the latest Android version, but it might be that your device simply does not support the app.

How to Download Lotto247 App for Free on iOS

It works very similarly for Apple products. In order for the Lotto247 app to be downloaded onto an iOS device, you also need to find the source and find the file download button there. You won’t be downloading an apk file, but rather an ipa format, which means you obviously can’t have an Android app be run on the iOS system.

In all other aspects, it’s exactly the same. You can find a downloadable app file on 247’s official website on in catalogues such as this one. If it doesn’t let you download, you need to enable ‘unknown sources’ in the settings of your device. It’s likely that it’s the thing preventing the download.

The antivirus software may also go haywire if it deems the source too untrustworthy. It completely depends on the variety of your software and on the source. You can either allow this download or deactivate the protection for the time being. It’s unlikely you’ll get a virus as a result. Still, it’s good to make a full scan if possible.

After successfully downloading the Lotto247 app, you’ll need to find where you put it on your phone. After that, it’s time for a slightly complicated installation.

Installation Manual for Lotto247 Mobile App on iOS

Now, to install Lotto247 onto an Apple device, you have to take a few more steps compared to the Lotto247 apk installation guide. It’s not much longer of a process, but it’s definitely not as easy as the Android’s click-n-wait action.

So, to install the app, you need to take these steps:

  1. Click on the downloaded file to open it in your iTunes
  2. Open the iTunes files through your computer
  3. Find the app file there
  4. Click ‘synchronize’/’install’

After that, the app is supposed to be synchronized with your iTunes and, therefore, your device. It’s a good plan if you won’t be downloading too many similar apps in the future. However, if Lotto247 app won’t be the last, you might as well install an app that installs apps for you.

There are plenty of such utilities on AppStore, like Sync or TestFlight. They are much faster and more comfortable, but you have to pick a suitable app first and then install it.

However you do it, after these manipulations you’ll be able to use the Lotto247 app on iOS freely. But if you have to pick between two versions (if you can pick, in fact), it’s better to use the Android variety. They are completely the same content-wise but differ widely in terms of installation.

Or, if you don’t feel like bother with all this installation nonsense, you can always just boot the mobile site, which doesn’t require any installations and offers a very similar experience.

Lotto247 Mobile Site

The Lotto 247 mobile website isn’t too different in design from the full version or the apps. Essentially, it’s the same appearance and solutions, but with a different structure. They condensed all these elements, made them smaller and closer together and naturally realigned the positioning to fit a narrow, long display.

But other than that, the contents differ minimally. Obviously, the menus open in a different way, and there’s a separate side menu for easier navigation, which is very welcome. In terms of comfort, it is probably easier to use the mobile website than its PC version, simply because of the simpler navigation and quick access.

A much better question is whether it’s better to use the mobile site than the Lotto247 app. The former has as few clear perks: you don’t need to install this version, the mobile site is well-optimized and they share the same servers with the website, and not the app. It means that, even if the app is down, you can use the site, and vice versa.

As for the app, it has a few more obvious advantages, compared to this approach, so you might want to compare the good and bad sides now. There is a potential for in-depth analysis, comparison and all such, but don’t it’s just a question of what approach you want. They are just more of the same.

Mobile App Advantages

There are instances when it’s much better to use the mobile app instead of the mobile website. The advantages of both are undeniable: this approach means there’s always a portable source of entertainment in your pocket. The app, however, could be a better fit in some cases. In general, the Lotto247 app can boast:

  • Decent optimization
  • Outstanding visual design
  • Fast connection

These three represent the whole point of the existence of Lotto247 app. It’s an intermediary between you and all the lotteries out there, and their purpose is to provide quick, easy access to them. Proper design doesn’t just make the navigation around the app easier, but it also improves the experience.

In short, this app does its intended job very well. These upsides also work for the casino games and other sections of the app, and not just Lotto247 lottery games. In terms of content, there’s no difference between using mobile versions and mobile apps – they have all the same features and products.

There are smaller perks that basically amount to preferences. Some people like the fact that you can boot the app with just one click and that the process there doesn’t reset after you leave for some time (like in the website version). Both are pretty comfortable options, however.

Lotto247 Lottery

Lotteries are the primary product featured on the Lotto247 app. It’s a major provider of lottery games in India, and lots of users come here specifically to take part in one of the global lotto games.

As mentioned, there are 10+ major lottery games (as of early 2022) at any time. There are games from the United States, France, Germany, Great Britain and several other countries – accessible to all and any users. All you have to do to participate is enter your account on Lotto247, proceed to the ‘All Lotteries’ menu and pick one of these games.

You can see when the lotteries end, what commission is charged to enter the game and what sort of jackpot is offered. Note that what you see is the overall jackpot, and there are always several winners. You can view the detailed information on each of these to see what the game logic is and how many matches you need to win.

The logic and rules differ from game to game, obviously.

Most have some sort of interactive action going on. For instance, you get to choose 5 numbers from the general pool. If they meet the lotto results, you get the winnings proportional to the number of matches you have. The exact winnings are always displayed beforehand on the pages dedicated to these games.

It’s advised to view the details in their entirety, because some of these games have intricate rules that make them more exciting than the usual, offline versions. Be sure to know how to play the lotteries. If you miss out on something, it’ll mean less potential winnings for you.

Lotto247 Registration

Registration at Lotto247 is required to make use of the services and features they offer. It’s a pretty fast process, only takes 3 minutes by their estimations. There are 3 sorts of information you’ll need to provide for free access. Unfortunately, some of that is personal, which might bug a few people.

Here’s what sort of info you’ll need to give to create an account on Lotto247:

Personal information

Residence information

Account information

Title (Mr. or Ms.)



First name

City or town


Last name


Mobile phone

Date of birth


They also give you a rundown of what characters must be included into the password in several concise statements in the bottom of this page. Note that you must be over 18 to create an account here. Plus, Lotto247 notably doesn’t utilize usernames – you can log into the platform using just the e-mail and the password later.

Upon registration, you’ll be able to log into Lotto247 using the information you submitted. You might need to activate the account through one of the methods (either phone or e-mail). Either way, this step is intentionally designed to be user-friendly and convenient.

Lotto247 Login

After the registration, you get to log into the Lotto247 app. To do that, just click the big ‘log in’ button at the top of the screen. Once there, you can just use the e-mail and password you submitted during the registration phase. This will unlock you access to most features of this platform.

That being said, you will be subjected to the KYC procedures after that. Know-your-client procedures are mandatory security checks for all new users in gambling and finances. This includes the papers that verify your identity, like the passport, ID or a photo of yourself.

But after that, you get to use the features to the fullest. However, there’s one more, optional step you might take to reap full benefits. It’s about the welcome bonuses, or sign up bonuses, offered on Lotto247 for each new user. If you hadn’t yet deposited any money, you can claim the bonus and start with a boost.

Basically, don’t go depositing the money right after you’re good to gamble. Poke around and see what bonuses you might get from your first deposit, your first bet and so forth. There are a number of such promotions.

Bonuses and Promotions

Bonuses are a staple of these gambling providers. Lotto247 app has quite a few of them, but not really to the extent of some other betting and casino websites. In terms of deposit bonuses, the most popular type of promotions in this niche, they only have one variety.

The bonus is only extended to the first deposit you make on an account. It adds 50% more funds to your overall balance, but not more than ~50 USD. You can’t withdraw the bonus, but you can technically withdraw the other funds you may have on your balance, including any winnings you might’ve gotten from betting the bonus money.

If it sounds good to you, then pick your preferred payment method on Lotto247 and go ahead.

Just know that this company is known for blocking and forfeiting the bonus money if you try to withdraw the money in a sketchy way (or just a way they don’t like). Basically, they retain the right to judge any of your withdrawal attempts and block any that looks like abuse.

Besides the sign up bonus, there are also a number of other promotions, such as cashback, discounts and more. They can gift you these during your stay on the platform, but there’s no saying what these bonuses can be until you actually receive the gift. Keep updated on all promotions, in short.

Again, don’t get your hopes up, because they aren’t filled with bonuses, unlike other betting apps. And actually, it might be a good thing.

Lotto247 Casino

Lotto247 app also has a casino section, as mentioned before. It’s actually pretty extensive for a secondary form of entertainment. There are hundreds of casino games hosted here, all in all. They include four subsections, which are slots, live, table games and bingo.

Slots are the biggest section, obviously. This subsection has three subsubsections of its own, including some very popular slot games. You can sort each page, but in a very limited fashion. It’s either Z-A or A-Z name-wise. There’s also a catalogue with all the games present on the page.

Table games only has 4 games, which are just generic variations of the four main table games, including baccarat, American blackjack, multi-hand blackjack and roulette. There are no small varieties for each of these games, only broad, generalized versions. And it’s not like it’s too little.

Bingo is a unique game variety, not hosted on many platforms. Well, Lotto247 has about 30 of these at the moment, each with its own theme and game rules. Weirdly enough, it’s more fleshed-out than the table games. But then again, the platform focuses on lotto and similar games rather than cards.

There are also several Keno games, but they are featured in their own category, and they don’t really belong in the ‘Casino’ category.

Live Casino

Live casino is a separate category of games in its own right. There are over 30 games in this section, including various baccarat, blackjack, poker, roulette and even gameshow varieties. In terms of game rules, these are the same as many other games, except what you look at while playing these is someone’s stream.

Yes, these lives streams are broadcast live from somewhere, hence the name. It’s not a private stream for you, however – there are hundreds of other players watching the game alongside you. You have your own hand, and it corresponds with the cards on the table, dealt by the person on the stream.

It’s a strangely warming experience to gamble with a living dealer as opposed to the picture on your screen once in a while. Just know that it can turn pretty annoying to look at one of these grinning faces once you start losing. So, it’s a unique experience in many aspects.

FAQ Lotto247 App

It’s one of the major providers of lottery and lotto services in India. Besides the obvious, they also offer a well-designed, comprehensive experience on their website and their app.

These apps are free but you can’t get them either on Google Play or AppStore. You need to get the app from websites such as the one you’re currently at.

Depending on the system you’re using, it can either be a quick clicking action (for Android) or a more prolonged sequence (for iOS). For the latter, you either need a special installation utility or be crafty with iTunes. Obviously, you also need to download Lotto247 first.

You need to have an account set up on Lotto247, first. Once this is done, it’s only a matter of picking your preferred payment method (there are lots of them) and specifying the amount.

Rohit Sharma is a sports journalist from India who has been in the media since 2015. Over a more than 7 years, Rohit Sharma has worked for several IPL teams as a press officer. He has also worked for several well-known sports resources and had a blog about the cricket.

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