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Rajbet is a major bookmaker and casino provider from India. What it means is that you can place bets on sports events and play the usual casino games under the same roof with this company. It can all be done with ease and comfort – even more so, considering they have a handy mobile app.

Rajbet App is one of the primary ways to go about gambling on Rajbet. They developed this app to accommodate most features and bonuses you can find on the main website. That includes betting on many sports popular in this region and abroad, as well as prominent casino games, slots, etc.

rajbet mobile app

Unfortunately, Rajbet isn’t available on either Google Play or App Store, because of the local rules concerning casinos. It doesn’t mean it’s fraudulent or dishonest, but these two online stores are very strict about betting and gambling. No matter, you can download Rajbet from the official website as an APK file.

Rajbet features several types of entertainment, including:

  1. Sport bets (including the major ones, like cricket, basketball, soccer, etc.)
  2. Casino games (slots, roulettes and table games, for the most part)
  3. Live casino (the same things, but with live dealers)
  4. Lotto (a special breed of games, available in plentitude on Rajbet)

All of these are open as soon as you create an account here, which doesn’t take too long, either. After a 5-min registration process, you’ll be able to use visit whatever games they have to offer. Just know that before depositing money here, you can claim a welcoming bonus. There are many other bonuses like that on Rajbet App.

In general, you could say that Rajbet is a pretty comfortable place to gamble on, even though essentially it’s not too different from many other Indian providers. They aren’t worse, either – they simply have a different composition of games, set onto an intuitive enough interface. You could enjoy it here, no problem.

Rajbet App
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How to Download Rajbet App for Free on Android

Rajbet App isn’t on Google Play, so Android users will have to download the app off the company’s official website.

In the olden days, you would need to find the dedicated page on their official website. Now, you can download the thing from here. Still, if want to do it the old-fashioned way, you can’t miss it: it’s the big orange button that says ‘download Android app’ on it. Clicking it would immediate download the APK file.

The Rajbet APK file is exactly what you’re looking for. The .apk format is what all Android apps use, so it’s the same thing as any of them, except you don’t download it from the everyday sources (that being Google Play), but from the developer’s official website.

rajbet apk casino

Rajbet doesn’t seem to be laced with viruses, and it would be risky and stupid of them to add any, given how they already get enough money from gamblers.

The good news is, you don’t need to complete the registration process to download the Rajbet APK file – it can be done as a visitor. That being said, the malware software can sometimes restrict the download of Rajbet, because it comes from some website in the middle of nowhere.

It’s nothing to be afraid of: you just need to disable the software for a moment. It also depends on what sort of malware detector you have, but they can go crazy just by looking at a file from an unknown source. Moreover, your device can also restrict such files if it’s in the settings.

If you don’t want to download Rajbet App out of mistrust, you can just keep using the mobile website version, but any malware will be detected if you give the app a little scan anyhow.

Installation Manual for the Rajbet.apk on Android

Once you’ve downloaded the Rajbet APK file one way or another, go right ahead and install it. The app isn’t on the device yet unless you complete the installation process.

To access the APK file after downloading it, you need to use the file manager software. Most smartphones already have that – it’s just a convenient way to see what files you have on the device. If you don’t have one, just download a convenient manager app from Google Play, install and boot it.

rajbet download app

After launching the manager, proceed to the ‘downloads’ folder and see the latest additions. The Rajbet APK file you need is labeled ‘rajbet.apk’, and you only need to click on it to start the installation.

If the system doesn’t allow you to interact with the file, it might be because you have the ‘unknown sources’ disabled in the settings. This setting enables you to download files outside of Google marketplace. It needs to be turned on, in short. Check for it in the settings.

The installation process itself is quite simple – all you need to do is click on the file, allow the interaction with the file in the pop-up screen that may come up, and then the app will just install itself.

How to Download Rajbet for Free on iOS

Rajbet App hasn’t been released officially to iOS. Therefore, iPhone and iPad users need to use bypass methods of using Rajbet. Because the app file is in APK format, and these are not supported by Apple OS at all, using the official app in its current from is not an option.

They might release an iOS-supported Rajbet application at a later date, but currently there is no news about that. So, the only viable option is to continue using the provider’s features on a browser version. Fortunately, Rajbet did think of that, and their website is tailored perfectly for all modern iPhone and iPad displays.

As a result, the navigation doesn’t suffer and you’ll experience almost the same level of comfort as if you’d be using a mobile app. The Rajbet App is much better-suited for a mobile user, obviously. So, if you want to use Rajbet features to the fullest, in its most laid-back and relaxed, it’s better to use an Android device for it.

The features may vary from the Rajbet APK version, but that’s because their Android app is a slightly different experience compared to the website variation. You’ll still get all the good stuff, just not in the same way mobile Android users get it.

The Installation Manual for the Rajbet Mobile App on iOS

As said before, you can’t have a Rajbet App on an Apple product, simply because they aren’t supported on the system. But you can still use the Rajbet functionality even if you’re an iPhone user.

For it, you’ll need to simply visit the company’s official website through a browser. Rajbet staff did a marvelous effort tweaking the site experience to Apple products. Because of it, the iOS experience might actually be a bit better than if you’d be using the Rajbet website on Android.

After all, there are many Android-run products, and although the structure is adjusted to many normal display variations, it’s much easier to predict what the website experience would look like on an Apple product: there aren’t too many iOS products, and you can tweak the website to those displays specifically.

To boot Rajbet on an Apple product, you don’t need to make any unconventional steps. Just open the website (don’t mistake it for any knock-off), create a Rajbet login and start using all the features you want.

Mobile Site

Using the Rajbet website version is just as legitimate as using the Rajbet APK. A lot of people forget about it, because most online casino users run them on mobile. As such, it is much better to use an app, if there is one, than it is to use a site version. The webpages can be run on a mobile device, even if they are a tad clumsier this way.

Using the Rajbet site through a mobile browser also has its differences from the PC experience. They don’t just use the same structure and slightly rearrange it for the mobile version. There is a distinct architecture, created to establish a convenient experience for mobile users. But in essence, all the features from the PC version are retained.

This approach is perfect for people who tend to mistrust apps not hosted of Google Play or AppStore. It’s a valid concern. Although the Rajbet App doesn’t seem to be a malware file, you can never be too cautious. Using a website is much safer than admitting a random file onto your device.

The only real problem with this version is that the design may be a bit skewed if your device has an unusual resolution. That might worsen the experience a bit. The Android app they have, for example, solves this problem with a series of special tools, as well as by introducing a special structure that can be adjusted with more ease.

Advantages of Rajbet App

Speaking of perks and flaws of different versions of the same provider, a Rajbet APK app approach might be the best solution for several important reasons.

  • Ease of access

Gambling and betting services are great not just because of the profitable opportunities, but also because it’s a decent way to entertain oneself on the go. To access a Rajbet App, you only need to unblock your phone and clock on the app icon.

After that, you can get right to it.

While on a train, in a cab or in a waiting room, a cheeky of quick entertainment can be invaluable. It’s especially endearing when you need to open and close the app constantly. With an app, it’s incredibly easy to do it fast. Even more so, considering the structure of Rajbet App is a bit different from the Rajbet Web.

  • More comfort

It’s simpler, more streamlined and orderly. You wouldn’t really get the same perks from the website version, because all the features need to be spread out for design reasons. As such, you can effortlessly find all the necessary features in a mobile version because they are all grouped into neat categories with a strict hierarchy.

Moreover, the optimization of this app is outstanding. The website version can lag and freeze at times because of its sheer size, but the app is more compressed. It isn’t as much of a burden both on the Rajbet servers and your own device. In short, Rajbet App is a quicker option from a technical standpoint, as well.

Bets on Cricket and Sport

Betting is one of the two biggest sorts of entertainment on this website. Essentially, you can wager money on the outcome of a specific match. If you win, you’ll receive winnings in the rate specified before you entered the wager.

You can’t bet money on any match played wherever, but only on those matches chosen by the staff and only in several specific sports. Fortunately, both the Rajbet APK and the website don’t miss out on big leagues and events and they host a number of very popular sports (especially for Indians).

There are about 40-50 sports, the events in which are regularly hosted on Rajbet. That includes the big ones, such as cricket, basketball, soccer, tennis, ice hockey and more. But there are also predictions on e-sports tournaments, such as FIFA, Dota 2, CS:GO and more.

Normally, a number of popular tournaments would be showcased in each sports category. Obviously, there can be a lot of these, especially in internationally popular games. Rajbet is amongst the better cricket online betting apps right now. For this reason, you can just sort by the country (including ‘international’ events) or go straight to the most popular ongoing matches.

To place a bet, you first need to create an account on this website. The registration is the story for the next chapter, however. Once you’ve done it, you need to deposit some money onto your Rajbet wallet. You can bet without depositing any of your own money – there are no-deposit welcoming bonuses for such cases.

Either way, when you have some funds on your account, you’ll be able to place a bet. You can place any amount about the minimal required. The betting routine is pretty intuitive, you only need to press a few buttons inside the ‘sport’ menu.

Rajbet Registration

Before playing any games on this website, you need to have your own Rajbet login. To do it, you obviously need to register an account on this website. It’s not long or demanding, you only need to submit several bits of general information. In short, you need to:

  • Create a login (a nickname)
  • Create a password
  • Submit an e-mail
  • Submit a phone number

Submit all of that, verify your account through both the e-mail and the phone, and you’ll be good to go. Clearly, you’ll also need to submit the information about your payment methods when it comes to that, a bit later. You’ll also want to verify your person by providing the proof of ID, a selfie and some other info. It’s a slight encroach on privacy, but this protects the website from bots, as well.

Alternative methods:

There are several shortcuts in case you don’t want to create an account specifically for this company. You can simply join using a Facebook account, a Google account or a Telegram account. Either is fine, and there are different ways of verifying your person through these. They are quicker, but a dedicated account would be better.

Rajbet Login

After you’ve successfully created an account, you need to use your Rajbet login to enter the website as a user. To do that, just click on the ‘login’ button in the top right corner of the screen. There’s a yellow symbol that looks like a door with an arrow pointing towards it.

To login into Rajbet App, you need use the password you created in addition to any of the other three pieces of information (e-mail, login, phone number). That will get you access to your account right away. Alternatively, you can use the social media to enter Rajbet. For it, all you need to do is enter the login and password for Facebook, Google or Telegram in a pop-up window that will appear if you click on any of them.

After you enter the account, you’ll be able to interact with any account-specific features inside your personal profile. Here, you’ll be able to track the bonuses you have, the progress of various bets you had, as well as deposit and withdraw money. Some of these features are spread-out, but they are still easy to find.

Besides those, most other parts of the website are open to guests. They can’t place a bet or use the functionality of the website, but they can be viewed and assessed, at the very least.

Bonuses and Promotions

As on many other bookmaking services, Rajbet App offers a number of tempting offers, including bonuses promotional programs. Some offer more winnings, and some allow you to test the functionality of the website without risking your own savings.

Welcome bonuses:

The welcoming bonuses are probably the most famous and used of these all. On Rajbet, they constitute the group no-deposit bonuses. These are well-known and common bonuses, available in many of these casinos. There are 4 main no-deposit bonuses, and to claim one of these you’ll have to create an account, but NOT deposit money.

Instead, claim ONE of these is use the Rajbet free spins, money or games to participate in the activities present on the website. Anyone can claim them, but you’ll need to use them all before you deposit any of your own money. And you can only withdraw the money you won from these bonuses after you use them all up. It’s a double-edged sword, in short.

Loyalty bonuses:

There is a loyalty program on this website. There is an intricate system, but basically it goes like this: the more you play on Rajbet), the more you gain. For each play, you get an additional bonus amount of money that can be used for further bets (or games). The more you withdrawals on Rajbet you make your money the bigger bonuses you get. That’s how it goes:

Loyalty level

Loyalty points collected

Total points needed

Number of withdrawals




























The list continues on in this manner until the 11th level. This system benefits both the player and the provider. You don’t lose anything by joining it.

Rajbet Casino

The Rajbet App casino section is the second primary feature they have going on this website, alongside the sports bets. It includes a variety of the usual games an Indian casino provider would have. That means roulettes, slot machines, table games, card games and more.

There’s an extensive library of games, available in the ‘casino’ menu, located next to ‘sports’. There are naturally a lot of these, but you can thankfully sort them by popularity, freshness, ease of play, as well as variety. There is a strip of categories, including types of games, and you can view them all on the same page.

The selection includes a lot of popular games, but the game providers are, in large part, Indians. You’ll notice a visible Indian aesthetic in many of these games. As for quality, they aren’t any worse than games by other developers. So, if you feel like playing Indian slots, table games or cards, you’ll find plenty of good options in this place.

You can also sort the games by the provider that made them, and it’s generally a decent way to fish out the good quality games. That being said, not a lot of people can really distinguish between the providers, but it’s still a convenient option. Between that and a lot of other sorting options, there is a lot of variety of Rajbet App.

Live Casino

The live casino section of this website is considered both a subsection of the casino proper and its own distinct section. This menu is filled mostly by poker, blackjack and roulette games, as well as many other options. The difference between these games and the ones present in the casino itself is that these are streamed live.

You basically tune on into one of the many streams of dealers working the tables, roulettes or other games on camera. The person on the stream deals cards and rolls the roulette, but each individual viewer gets their own hand or makes their own bet. That’s how so many players can interact with a single dealer in the Rajbet App.

On a technical level, these games aren’t any different than non-live games. The live gambling is still very popular. It exists because of perception: people like to experience the feel of the real casino without actually visiting it. Either because it’s forbidden in their particular country or because of lockdown limitations, visiting casinos offline may be problematic.

But this is as fast as it gets, and because of that no Rajbet review is complete without a small description of their live casino capabilities.

FAQ Rajbet App

It’s a good thing to be skeptical about casinos, but Rajbet seems pretty trustworthy. They are an old provider with years of good reputation, and they are also regulated in several jurisdictions, making cheating for them unfeasible.

You can only download Rajbet if you’re an Android user. If you are, just locate the download button for their app on this website and click on it.

You need to download Rajbet APK file from the Rajbet official website, or another source. After that, just find the file and click on it, it will do all the rest.

You need to login into Rajbet, deposit some money and find the ‘sports’ category. After that, just click on your preferred cricket match and wait for the results.

Rohit Sharma is a sports journalist from India who has been in the media since 2015. Over a more than 7 years, Rohit Sharma has worked for several IPL teams as a press officer. He has also worked for several well-known sports resources and had a blog about the cricket.

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